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What Shawl I Knit?

Dear Ann,

The results are in. In the last 48 hours, I’ve looked at a large, rich assortment of  beautiful shawls to knit for my young friend’s wedding. (Note: not necessarily to be worn at the wedding, but in honor of the occasion.)  It was an awesome group curation project.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to dig a link for me.  You are the wind beneath my wings, and the chains on my spinning tires.

The shawl I will be knitting is Leaves of Grass, by Jared Flood  It’s a pi shawl.  I’ve heard pi shawls are easy.  (I’ve also heard that pi shawls are EZ.) (Knitting joke!) EZ herself recommended pi shawls for mindless knitting during long journeys.  The charts for this one look straightforward, and I set great store by the Brooklyn Tweed brand, for clarity, comprehensiveness, and not messing with my head when I’m knitting on deadline.  The beginning will be touch-and-go, until I get off the DPNs and onto the blacktop.

I’m excited to learn what all the noise is about with the pi shawls.   (Here is the version that sold me on Leaves of Grass as bride-worthy, by SupaSteph of San Antonio.)

My chosen yarn is a 50/50 merino/silk laceweight, Juniper Moon Farm Findley.  I’m choosing between 3 ever-whiter shades of pale: Dove, Fresco and…White. (The Juniper Moon Farm color namer took a day off apparently–White? not Chalk? Alabaster? Oxyclean?)  All three are on the way, and the two shades that don’t make the Leaves of Grass cut (grass joke!) will go to the contest winners.  Bonus: these look like easy colors to overdye, if pales are not your thing. Indigo pot anyone?  I halfway think this bride, who has access to an indigo vat through her job, will end up dyeing her Leaves of Grass.  I would not disapprove of that one little bit.

Contest Winners:  Deb  left the first comment to suggest Leaves of Grass, and Mary Anne  won the random drawing. Deb and Mary Anne, check your email so I can get your details and pay my debt to society.

And now, while we wait for Webs to ring the doorbell (I sprang for the 1 day shipping, so it should be here any minute), let’s look at some lopapeysas in the great outdoors, shall we?

American Icelandic.


Lopi Gothic.


Sweaters:  Riddari (left), Verur (right). Photos:  Joseph Bergmann.  Styling, and being good sports: Kristin and Justin Stone.  (Next time I’m making them recreate the lopapeysa version of  Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe.  The fun never stops with Aunt Kay.)



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