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Boxy But Good

Dear Ann,

I may be neglecting a number of things these days, but I am certainly not neglecting to knit. I am now the proud owner and frequent wearer of yet another oversized dolman pullover. Remember Relax? I like Relax so much (as I’ve said, and said…) that I wanted a second sweater with this shape. But I didn’t want to re-knit the exact same sweater–I have nothing against multiples (you may guffaw/snort here), but these sweaters are big acreages of stockinette stitch, and I wanted to at least get some different details at the shoulder, just to entertain me.

So, for my second boxy dolman sweater, I chose the beloved-of-Ravelry Boxy, by Joji Locatelli.

I knit the smallest size, XS, not because I have suddenly come over very small of form, but because in addition to Boxy being an oversized sweater to begin with, I was knitting it in sportweight (MadelineTosh Sport, in Whitewash), instead of the prescribed fingering weight.


Well. As you can see, the resulting Boxy could deliver a litter of Relaxes. But guess what? Due to all the extra fabric being under the arms, Boxy is still flattering. I know this seems unbelievable. As I was knitting it, I thought, well, I’ve done it this time. This thing is going to swamp me. I’m going to have to turn it into a baby blanket with arm flaps.


But no, it’s flattering even on my willowy friend, Allison. (Hey guess what! Allison Moorer’s new record, Down to Believing, drops on March 17. Just saying. Sample listens and preorders available here.)


(Human being for scale. Not gonna lie, this is a very dramatically shaped sweater. The film Stop Making Sense comes to mind. But darn it, it works.)

Despite the bigness, and despite the unintended dye lot striping, Boxy is an instant favorite sweater. It’s batting third in my Winter Casual wardrobe, right behind Relax and a favorite Eileen Fisher from last year’s sale. Two friends and one daughter have tried to steal it off me.

I give Boxy 5 stars, worth a detour.


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