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Putting the Lazy in Lazy Sunday

Dear Ann:

In the aftermath of holiday and post-holiday feasting, I’m dragging a bit. After more than a year on and nearly-on the Whole30 (google it, I’m not testifying here–OK, I’m testifying: hallelujah, it’s fantastic), my weekend in the kingdom of carbohydrates has left me feeling downright hung over.  Today I’m spending my Sunday going to barre class, sipping green tea, and knitting.

To Knit


I’m sewing up my Monomania Cardi. The finish line is in sight!


(My flat-knit sleeves are sewing up just fine. They will be snug. I like them snug.)

To have something to work on when the light fails, yesterday I cast on my Wollman Rink cowl. (337 stitches. Linen Stitch all the way. Giving myself permission in advance to bail and knit something else if I can’t hack it.)


(My Wollman Rink colors, in MadelineTosh Sport.)

Both of these things are for me. I’m not knitting for anyone else for Christmas (famous last words), but if I were, I’d try to find someone, big or small, in need of a foxy and/or wolfie hat.



(Foxy & Wolfie by Ekaterina Blanchard.)

To Read


It’s not just you and me: ganseys seem to be having a moment. Recently on The Women’s Room, Polly Leonard, editor of Selvedge Magazine, guest-posted an article arguing for protected designation-of-origin status for culturally significant textiles, such as  ganseys. And this weekend, there is another gorgeously illustrated Polly Leonard article, on Fair Isle knitting.

To Watch


To get me through PBS fundraising campaigns, I keep on my DVR a string of episodes of the 1970s/80s British series, All Creatures Great and Small. For one thing, the costume department provides a parade of Fair Isle sweaters and vests, and other great country clothing from the 1940s through the early 1950s. (I cross-check Grantchester’s wardrobe against All Creatures.) The show itself is comfort TV at its very best. Accents and animals, kindness, scenic beauty, and humor, with a bracing jolt of the realities of subsistence farming. Great character actors, several of whom I continue to spot in British period drama and comedy roles (and in Robert Hardy’s case, the Harry Potter films). All Creatures currently is being shown late at night on my local PBS channel,  for those who don’t have a bunch of them queued on the DVR. (Dear readers: if you know of other places to watch it for free, please shout it out in the comments.) The books are wonderful, too. In 2009, I devoured the entire series, one after the other, escaping to a veterinarian’s life in the Yorkshire dales. They have weathered the storms of KonMari, becoming touchstones.

Get busy and laze!






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