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Bang, Bang, On the Door

Dear Ann,

As the light faded yesterday afternoon, I snapped a progress photo of my Stopover for our Bang Out a Sweater knitalong.


A couple of hours later, I had both sleeves done. (13 hours in so far; I’m still keeping track.)

You know what this means: the Three Tube Situation is upon us.

The moment in a yoke construction garment when the sleeves and body are joined together on a long circular needle, ready to start knitting the yoke–thereby entering the home stretch of the sweater–is a fresh miracle every time. It’s so neat, so satisfying.  Each time I do it I feel a connection, through a long line of clever knitters, all the way back to the unknown knitter who first figured out how to construct a garment this way.  It just makes me happy. I don’t knit socks, as a rule, but the one time I turned a heel, I had the same feeling.

People who have never joined up the parts of a lopapeysa are always a bit skeptical and even shaky about it. The instructions in the Stopover pattern are short, and there are a bunch of numbers. But the clouds lift as soon as you read the instructions with the actual knitting in your hands. Just do it. Shut up and row, and all will be well.

A while back, I wrote up a little tutorial on joining up sleeves and bodies, which I called The Three Tube Situation.  I offer it up to those who are not willing to wait for their personal a-ha moment about how yoke construction works.

By the way, did your Stopover yarn ever arrive?







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