Kay is heading to Rhinebeck. She’ll be at the picnic tables at 2 pm on Saturday—would love to see you!


Dear friends,

Hi there! Howdy! Hi!

Back in February, the date of our most recent post, we were going to be RIGHT BACK. Any minute. It never occurred to us that we weren’t blogging until we started to hear questions about our health, our deportation to a distant land, a spectacular bi-regional blogging blowup.

What happened? We’ve blogged through everything in our lives since 2003. So what made 2015 different?


We don’t know, truly. Probably something to do with life in general, and more than a little to do with the particular life cycle event of sending our respective firstborns off to college dorms. Now, in October, we find our in-house knitwear model pool (human division) reduced by half. It all seems so sudden.


We went to Germany at one point, in separate family trips weeks apart, yet we each ended up atop the Reichstag shooting selfies in the building’s mirrors, in the exact same spot.


In recent months, we have wandered hand-in-hand into cross-craftual adventures and misadventures.


We have been altering our eating habits, to the point that well-meaning friends bring us products we’ve never imagined.


Along the way, we discovered that all roads lead back to knitting. There’s nothing like knitting. It may be the greatest thing ever.

And while we have done our share of Twitter and Instagram, we’ve really missed the blog, especially everybody who took time to be a part of the conversation. We appreciate so much that anyone has read Mason-Dixon Knitting at any time over the last 12 years, and we thank you for coming here and reading this post after such a long radio silence.

We didn’t want to come back, then leave again. So we won’t. We’re back, full of beans and new ideas. We sent masondixonknitting.com to the shop for its 100,000-mile maintenance—timing belt replaced, malware scraped out of the guts, a new and sturdy server with awesome security.


Look for us every day. Olive, Kermit and Elliott are still modeling, and we have a stockpile of delicious treats to give away, thanks to the generosity of book publishers, designers and yarn makers.


Ann and Kay

PS Our system for subscribing to our blog is all new, and we’re starting from scratch. Two ways hear from us:

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