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Giveaway! Two Harbors “Poncho” Kit

Dear Kay,

I don’t mean to cause trouble, but I have a bone to pick.

There’s a very popular pattern floating around right now that hits the sweet, sweet, sweet spot of easy, comfortable, fast, and fun.


The company that produced it, Blue Sky Alpacas, calls it the Two Harbors Poncho. The “Two Harbors” part is not the problem. Why two harbors and not one? I am not going to question that.

It’s the “poncho” part.

Friends, I dispute completely the idea that this is in fact a poncho.


It has a contiguous band around the bottom. Ponchos don’t connect. They flap. So what we’ve got here is a garment heading into pullover territory. It’s a ponchover.


It has sleeves, sort of. Ponchos are not sleeve events. They are blankets, basically, with a headhole. This is a slanket. A headhole slanket ponchover.


It has a turtleneck. No self-respecting poncho has a turtleneck. This garment is a turtleneck headhole slanket ponchover.

Whatever it is, Sarah Smuland‘s pattern is stinkin’ cute and a universally appealing piece of knitting.

Thanks to Blue Sky Alpacas (now there’s a name for a company!), we are giving away a kit for this Two Harbors “Poncho.” The yarn, aptly named Extra, is gorgeous stuff, an aran-weight mix of merino and alpaca.

To enter, please a) sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already (sign up in the footer), and b) leave a comment listing the top five people you think are the most influential in the knitting world, alive or no longer with us. (We are easily bought and weak in the face of any crumb of praise, so please do not include us on your list.)

Deadline for entries is Thursday, February 11, 11 pm EST. We’ll pick a random winner and send along an email.




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