Lazy Valentine’s Day

Dear Ann,


Tampons and gum for everybody! I hope you had a lovely Galentine’s Day yesterday. I celebrated by taking a spin class, eating a Larabar, and being inspired by myself.


This beauty is not my Stopover. It belongs to Cris Bjork from western Iowa.  Cris made her Stopover using your favorite unyarn, plutoloopy. Cris reports she has been knitting plotulopi for 30-some years, and “it never ceases to amaze.” You people are weakening my resolve.


I finished knitting the yoke on my own Stopover last night while watching The Manchurian Candidate on Channel 13. I don’t think a person could get through The Manchurian Candidate without some very compelling knitting to hold onto. You have to watch five episodes of Murder, She Wrote just to feel OK about Angela Lansbury again.


Apart from The Manchurian Candidate, my knittertainment recommendation for today is On Being, a radio show that is also a podcast. Host Krista Tippett asks deep questions of fascinating thinkers; people seem to bring their best selves to their interviews with her. Yesterday afternoon I listened to her talk with media and marketing thought leader Seth Godin.  Another favorite On Being episode is with Rosanne Cash (and not just because Rosanne mentions in passing that I was teaching her to knit at the time, although that’s a very nice part of it for me). Looking for the link to that interview, I found this moving bit of music history. It’s that search for the tender truths of life that makes me love On Being.





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