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Starcroft Has Landed



Dear Ann,

Popping in with exciting pop-up news. This all started a few months ago when I heard that my friend Lisa Fox’s shop on East 7th Street, lf8 (Elevate) would be available for a short time in January. Hmmm, I thought. I asked Gale Zucker, who is connected to a vast network of shepherds and dye pots, if she knew of a yarn maker who’d like to bring her wares to New York. I can hardly believe it really happened. Dreams do come true, Ann. I hope you realize that. (For those who are wondering, I don’t have anything invested in this micro-venture but love. Corny I know! I’m just a simple girl who loves long, narrow shops crammed with yarn and knitters.)


The story of the Nash Island sheep is beautiful: the flock was started nearly 100 years ago by the little daughter of a lighthouse keeper, who tended it throughout her long life and left it to the care of friends.   Also beautiful is the yarn that Jani (pictured above) makes from the wool of these Coopworth-Romney sheep.  Read about it on the Starcroft website.


lf8 (Elevate) provides the perfect ambiance for some fogwashed wool that is new in town.  Prepare yourself for many choices of coffee and food in the neighborhood.  The beard-watching is unmatched this side of Brooklyn.


I’ll be there for two knit & chat events in the shop, on Thursday evening from 6-9, and then on Saturday afternoon from 3-6. Gale will be there on Thursday evening, as will a star-studded list-in-formation of local (and, possibly, visiting) designers and knitting folk. The shop is tiny; come and practice your stand-up knitting, and your self control around piles of beautiful wool.

Hope to see lots of you there.



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