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A Great Big Sweater for 2016/2017

Dear Ann,

After knitting and loving a  Relax and a Boxy, and being given a beautiful Lola pullover, I thought that when sweater weather rolled around again, I might lose a little of my fire for lightweight box-top sweaters.


I’ve worn these gently oversized sweaters constantly, and I’m going to continue to love wearing sweaters like them. The patterns that keep catching my eye are the Volvos of knitwear: they are boxy but good. Really good. So good that I’m writing down the yardage requirements so that this year, for the first time in all my Rhinebecks, I will be prepared to buy a sweater’s worth of the yarn of my dreams.

I am definitely laying in 1500 yards of sportweight for this one:

Granito by Joji Locatelli:



Just the right pockets, in just the right places.

If this sweater is not a huge hit, I’m going to stop betting on the horses.

(And if I haven’t convinced you, Ann, take a look at this chartreuse version.)

What are you laying in yarn for?

Happy weekend, all!



P.S. All My Rhinebecks is the working title of a dramedy I’m working on.






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