Clip & Save: A Sturdy Lopi Edge


Dear Kay,

I’ll be brief. In this political season, my car bumper is now sporting these stickers: “I’d Rather Be Banging Out a Sweater,” “Mary Jane Mucklestone for Metro School Board,” “Frack Less/Bang More,” and, my candidate this year: “Lopapeysa for President ’16.”

I have the quickest tip possible, directed toward everybody who is working their Stopover sweaters with this unspun Icelandic wool called Plötulopi, or plutoloopy as I can’t stop saying.

This tip comes from Hélène Magnusson, whose Icelandic Knitter is frankly helpful. She writes that the edge of a plutoloopy sweater will hold up better if you carry a lace yarn along with the tender, fragile plutoloopy while casting on.


Sounded like a great idea to me. I reached for the nearest non-plutoloopy yarn, which was actually Coats & Clark Double Duty Button Craft Thread, aka the stuff used for Alabama Chanin stitching.


It is a thread of unusual stoutness, and it was also closer by than the lace yarn located deep in Stash Zone Foxtrot.


At the edge you can see it if you look closely. It’s not even green. But in the general hairy chaos of this not-yarn, it’s not noticeable once you start to marvel at the general feathery lightness of the sweater you’ve started.


I’ll report back in ten or twenty years to let you know whether this strand of thread kept this edge in shape.

I am having 100% fun with this yarn. It has broken maybe five times so far, a problem akin to a shoelace that comes untied. It’s not like I dropped grandma’s crystal vase. I just rub the ends back together, and off I go.



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