A Thicket of Snippets

Dear Ann,

Hoo boy, there’s a lot going on out there in the knitting world. I’m just going to unfold my travel scissors and start hacking through the tall grass of all the stuff I want to tell you about.

Denim People Have Feelings, Too

This news is over a month old, so maybe you’ve seen it. I have the feeling people have been trying to keep it from me, to protect me. I’ll just lay it on you, a painful clip from Graham Norton’s New Year’s Eve show:

It’s hurtful to see one of my all-time favorite Rowan books, Denim People, treated with hooting mockery and scorn. I’ve knit from that book; I would love to knit anything in it. (Well, maybe not the “eyeball” pullover. Now that they’ve put that image in my head, it’s hard not to see it.) I blame the champagne. Youthful high spirits. They didn’t mean it. Let’s knit them denim sweaters.

Heirloom Chevron Throw Contest


Let’s talk about something pleasant. The random number generator has drawn a winner in our Heirloom Chevron Throw giveaway:  Megan M. of Vashon, Washington, come on down! (Actually we emailed her.) Congrats, Megan. Please knit up all that Fancy Tiger Heirloom Romney in the next week or two, and get back to us with a photo, ‘mkay?

Grumpy Old Men (in Classic Sweaters)

Our Bang Out a Sweater knitalong continues to bang along, filling up Instagram and my brain with glorious photos of Stopover Icelandic. I have lopapeysa fever, like never before.

So I kind of thought I might be dreaming when I started seeing ads and articles about a lopapeysa-centric movie.


(Photo: Cohen Media Group)

Long-time reader and friend Carolyn McGraw even clipped out the Los Angeles Times article about the film Rams, and mailed it to me. It’s a story of beards, sheep and brotherly hate, according to the LA Times. And sweaters. Here’s the official trailer:

It’s a comedy, by the way.  Now showing in theatres. Double-dog dare you to wear a lopapeysa.

Bang Out A Sweater: Finishers Get in Formation


(Kat (@askatknits on Instagram) finished her cardiganized Stopover in 35 hours including steek and buttonholes.)

Over on Instagram, we have a new hashtag: #bangfinishers. It would be great if people would use this hashtag to post pictures of their finished Stopover sweaters, so that you and I (and all knitters, and the whole world) can glory in the sight of them all together. (I started to realize that many people are too busy to stand on their bed getting a flat shot and email it; Instagram takes two seconds, and its nifty hashtag system automatically groups them all together. If email works better for you, I will gratefully receive all triumphant photos and collect and share them.)


So that’s all you need to do: post a photo of your finished Stopover on Instagram with the hashtag #bangfinisher.

While some people are finishing their sweaters, others are up to their necks (literally) in Léttlopi (me for example), and still others have only just received their yarn (you for example). The party will continue over on Instagram for as long as people continue to knit and post pictures to the hashtags. (I’m certainly going to check our hashtags daily for the foreseeable future.) But at the end of next week, we’ll have a little wrap-up celebration here on the blog. Just a heads-up.  Don’t let’s get that end of camp feeling too soon. Bang on!







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