If you’re looking for a baby-steps way into lopapeysa knitting, the wee Gilipeysa is literally a baby sweater, and the cutest thing going.

Palate Cleanser


Dear Kay,

Infidelity is a central component of knitting. Wanton cheating is definitely one of the reasons I knit.

I am having a ridiculous amount of fun, stepping out on my main project. I finished the body of the navy blue gansey guernsey jersey knit-frock whatever and faced the sleeves. The thought of wrestling a sleeve into existence is always something I’m happy to delay, sometimes for five or six years, so I gleefully ditched out as fast as I could find a tote bag big enough to cram the thing into.

I dunno, I just wanted something simpler, a project that wouldn’t ask so much of me. A project that really understands me. The Inside Outside Cowl from Churchmouse Yarns has been on my mind since discovering it over at Habu Textiles. And Rowan Kidsilk Haze is about as far from traditional gansey yarn as it gets.

This cowl will be a simple double layer of mohair/silk yarn, all stockinette. I’ve picked the first color; the second will come once I get there.

Shade 661 Rosso is a violent sort of orange-red. I’m looking forward to picking its mate for this cowl—Kidsilk Haze has long had one of the most famously beautiful sets of shades anywhere. See?


I’m using size 3 needles, which I’ve never done with Kidsilk Haze before. The fabric is totally different from the airy lace I’ve made with this yarn. The tiny stitches are buried in a deep haze. I completely and totally love it.

The sole piece of actual technique required in this is a provisional cast-on, so that the final piece will be a magically seamless tube of wonderfulness. I can’t recommend a Kidsilk Haze provisional cast-on as a fun thing to do. But once those 175 stitches are up and running, this is exactly the palate cleanser I’d hoped it would be.

I will also say that this pattern is one of those patterns where you go, aw man, I could just wing that. But I will also say that it is a joy to have a pattern telling me exactly what to do. There is a time for winging it, and a time for sitting back and enjoying the ride.

This yarn is the souvenir of a trip son David and I took to London last year at this time. We wandered with Belinda and Neil. We ate like maniacs. And, of course, we stopped by Liberty so Mom could get some yarn.


David will be home from college tonight, and I can’t wait to talk to him without inflicting the Mom Facetime Face of Doom on him.



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