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FO Friday: Grand Dame

Dear Ann,

Guess what! I get to visit another college (or 2 or 3) this weekend. Rhinebeck fades into the mist in the rearview mirror, and we proceed ONWARD.

For about a year and a half, I had a ball of handpainted cashmere weighing heavily on my conscience. In a fit of I Don’t Know What, I had bought it at Vogue Knitting Live in January 2013, from String, a yarn shop in my own city that caters to the big-gauge cashmere crowd. There was something about that lipsticky shade of pink crashing into that particular mix of taupeish-brownish, with a pale wash of blue in the background, that set me all a-tingle. Had to have it. Didn’t know what to make with it.

I dithered and stewed (in other words, had a fantastic time) deciding about the pattern. I did not want to make something with a plain, linear stitch pattern that would create stripes, pools, or flashes, or whatever you call it that handpainted yarns have a tendency to do. I wanted to preserve the blotchy effect that I loved in the yarn when it was in the skein.


A few months ago, I remembered the good ol’ Lady Eleanor wrap pattern. Entrelac! That’s the ticket! Entrelac is a great technique for self-striping yarns. Instead of stripes, you get your color in patches. If the sections of color are long, you do get a striped effect, too, but it’s more compressed. Blocky and irregular.

This project was my companion for a one-week trip to California last August. How-to-entrelac came flooding back to me for a week, and now it has left me again.


This was blissful knitting. After a wash & block, I wished I’d knit to a tighter gauge, but I’ve readjusted my thinking and now it’s perfect. Yay! Instant handknit in October.

Happy weekend, everybody.


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