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Knit Less, Count More

Dear Ann,

I may have a Lifetime Achievement Sweater on the needles, but I still need to have a mindless garter or stockinette project to haul around in my bag for all those moments when I’m stuck doing something boring but at least I can knit.

The problem is, my current so-called mindless knitting is my Tokyo Shawl, which is pleasant and satisfying knitting, but not mindless.


See how it zigs and zags? That’s the result of a very simple formula: knit 20, yo, knit 48, k2tog, knit 20, yo, knit 48, k2tog, knit 20. Pretty easy.  You can see where the yarnovers and knit2togethers go once they’re established. Right? Well, except the Tokyo Shawl alternates sections of stockinette and reverse stockinette. So just when you’ve got a groove going, you start having to do the sequence backwards from the other side of the fabric, where you can’t quite see it at first, so you have to count. It helps–a lot– if you count correctly. But 48 is a pretty high number to count to while you’re busy doing or half-doing something else.


To paraphrase George Washington’s line in Hamilton: Knitting is easy, young man. Counting is harder.

I am not throwing away my shawl.



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