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Winners! And Wool People 6 Is Making Me Crazy


Dear Kay, Wow wow wow. So many books! Thanks to all for sharing what you’re reading right now. I find all this totally fascinating. There are five randomly chosen winners in our contest; wish I could be Oprah and give away 360 copies of Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting. Here are the books these folks are reading. Does it get any more ecumenical than this? JULES M.: I am reading a book called Do-It-Yourself-Therapy, I kid you not. It...

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We Have… Poncho!

Dear Ann, By 4:15, the second sleeve was on. Practice does make things speedier. It also helps not to watch YouTubes. I’m calling this a garment at this point. I am wearing it, therefore it’s a garment. ONWARD (dammit). Love, Kay Posted by Kay at 04:28 PM | Comments (35) One Down Dear Ann, It’s 3:15. One sleeve is joined to the body of my Whitby. I know that seems like slow progress. But I had to work my way into the mood...

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The Elements of Bro Style

Dear Kay, Too hot to knit? I think I pushed the edge of the envelope on knitting this past weekend in Baltimore, during the NCAA Lacrosse Championship immersion weekend with Clif. Oh sweet Jebus it was hot, but we found some shade, slathered on the SPF 100 (is that even possible? It’s basically house paint, right?), and hunkered down for just a boatload of high-speed action, on the field and on the needles. Net result: four Mitered Squares...

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Virtual Piemonte


Yes, Piemonte really does look like this. This picture was taken on the grounds of the historic Fontana Fredda winery. The building is the house King Vittorio Emmanuel (sorry if that’s mispelled) built for his mistress, La Rosina, and their children. They made beautiful music, and beautiful wine, together. (Eventually, he even married her. She became a Duchess and their children were legitimized although not allowed to be king or...

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Wackoknits - 1

Here at Mason-Dixon Knitting, it’s an article of faith that “vintage” = “classy” (squared). But it ain’t necessarily so, friends, and sometimes we need a gentle jolt of a reminder that the best is yet to be. (Kay’s on the left; Ann’s on the right. We’re both in need of a touch-up to our Former Natural Blond highlights, but hey–we’ve got a Blog to run.) Thanks to Retroknits.com,...

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