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One-Stop Shopping

One-Stop Shopping - 1

Hey Ann: Here’s your store! Cheese and Antiques (in that order). Note also the little sign in the window assuring you that yes, they do have ‘fresh coffee’. I didn’t go in to see if the place sold cheese in your favorite form (Chee-toes), or if by any chance there were any of those $450 swifts or $8700 barrel-people you adore. We’ll save this place as a treat for that New York visit you keep telling me...

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Where’s My New Dress?

Where's My New Dress? - 1

This pic is an illustration of the principle that babies cannot be photographed without flash. Here is Rosie in her Lucky cardi (Pipsqueaks, All Seasons Cotton, Grandma Mabel’s button–we’ve been over this before). I did not finish Miss Bea’s Jumping Dress in time for my visit. Rosie didn’t care. She is sitting on a mighty collection of Handknits-by-Kay and can bide her time patiently until the next delivery....

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Peep Show

Peep Show - 1

From the catalogue of the Tailgate Antiques Show: Room 145, Fiddler’s Inn. Matched pair, barrel-wearing figures. Found in Reno, Nevada, roadhouse “The Sit n Drink.” Circa late 1940s. Medium: plywood with applied oil-based house paint. Wear is evident on paint of both barrels, on frame at bottom, on top of woman’s head. Holes on front of barrels are original to barrels and indicate a previous use as actual barrels....

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Atta Boy

Atta Boy - 1

Is there any stadium sight as sweet as a boy with his baseball glove on and the name of his hero emblazoned across his back? This guy is ready to catch any ball that flies his way. Moreover, he is pretty sure that is actually going to happen. Number One Matsui Fan is the son of friends. He had the good sense to wear his shirt to Game 2 of the World Series, on a night when Hideki Matsui ensured a Yankee victory with a 3-run homer. He will...

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Yankee Ingenuity

Yankee Ingenuity - 1

October 16, 2003. Yankee fans, specifically, Hideki Matsui fans, pose with their dancing Godzilla puppets after the 11th inning home run that ended the game in victory for the Yanks. These puppets were my neighbors for almost five hours, and I can attest that they danced even during New York’s darkest innings. They danced as a matter of principle, and to encourage Matsui and his teammates to battle on. But at this moment, they were...

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