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Scooby Doo Knits


Dear Kay, Coming into the home stretch on the Rhinebeck Rectangle, and my pre-nostalgia for this project has already overwhelmed me. Oh, Spring Fever rectangle thingy by Amy Miller! You were with me on many phone calls, that binge-watch of The Americans, that midnight trip to the hospital that ended up being no big deal but at least I got to worry-knit through the freaky bit. I am going to miss you so much that I may make another one of you....

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Knit While You Wear It: Introducing the Scanket


Dear Kay, There’s one occasion when knitting a scarf is superior to knitting a cowl: when you get the thing long enough that you can wear it while still adding to it. Today is the first day when I can feel autumn in the air conditioning, so I’m bundling up while I add the last eight stripes to this 24-stripe colorfest, Amy Miller’s Spring Fever. I want to thank everybody for all the advice regarding the Golden Sunshine ball of...

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Lazy Sunday: Beatlemania 2016


Dear Kay, It’s 1965 and I just got home from Shea Stadium, ears still ringing from Beatles songs played full blast. It’s the best feeling ever. The new documentary The Beatles: Eight Days a Week—The Touring Years focuses on the first years of the band, as they exploded in a way that surprised the world and them. I love this film because it captures the contrast between the bubble around the band and the adoration coming at them...

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Snippets: Dreamy Wallpapers, Plus Handknits to Buy


Dear Kay, On a busy Friday, we all need to stop, drop, and look at wallpapers. Since 1946, Farrow & Ball has created paint that somehow seems more special than other paint. Why? They explain it all for you. They’re into wallpaper too, and I have to say, it’s gorgeous stuff. Here they explain how they use methods that are traditional and time consuming. I don’t want to glom their lovely images without asking, so...

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Drop-dead Easy Tips!


Dear Kay, News you can use: really great tips from the trio who have created Drop-Dead Easy Knits, a juicy collection of gorgeous projects that goes on sale today. On the cover alone I see five things I want to make. Knitting tips galore. And a bonus: how to create a nice clean chin line in a photo? The answer is here, people. Watch and learn. One of the projects is a Kay Gardiner Special, a pattern called the Star-eyed Julep Throw. Kay, I...

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