If you’re looking for a baby-steps way into lopapeysa knitting, the wee Gilipeysa is literally a baby sweater, and the cutest thing going.

Palate Cleanser


Dear Kay, Infidelity is a central component of knitting. Wanton cheating is definitely one of the reasons I knit. I am having a ridiculous amount of fun, stepping out on my main project. I finished the body of the navy blue gansey guernsey jersey knit-frock whatever and faced the sleeves. The thought of wrestling a sleeve into existence is always something I’m happy to delay, sometimes for five or six years, so I gleefully ditched out...

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Clip & Save: How to Be a Vigilant Knitter


Dear Kay, This post is written by a knitter who loses count, who forgets where she is in the pattern, who can’t recall what size needle was used for the lump of knitting in the Knitopia tote bag in the bottom of her closet. I write this from a place of great humility. It’s a simple question, really: how do you keep from pfaffing up your knitting? I have a few tried-and-true tips to share, but maybe I’m fishing for everybody...

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Snippets: 4 Supercolorful Things


Dear Kay, I’m declaring today National Wear a Handknit Day. Now that we are well into the glory season for handknits, please take a moment to dive into your archive for an on-trend pompom hat or an off-trend drop-shoulder intarsia tunic. Embrace the joy of a thing you made yet have not been wearing enough. Here’s a quick peek at four things that really shiver me timbers. In no particular order: Pixellation. Jennifer...

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The Cornish Are Famous Knitsters


Dear Kay, I have fisherman sweaters on the brain—ganseys or guernseys or jerseys or Cornish knit-frocks or whatever regional name you give these sweaters made with twinelike wool, often dark blue. This yarn I’m using for my pullover has me thinking about ganseys. It’s true, English 5-ply Guernsey Wool. Made up north in Yorkshire, as in the 19th century when the textile mills were concentrated there, and marketed by a company in...

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The Same Sweater Twice: Rut or Groove?


Dear Kay, This will be brief, because a) I am binge watching Madam Secretary and really need to find out whether Secretary of State Tea Leoni is going to resolve that Moldovian airplane hijacking. And b) this sweater is possibly the least photogenic knitting project I have ever attempted. When I say this looks better in real life, you will say, “Good grief, I hope so.” The Good News TONS of good news! This Moroccan Nights sweater...

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