Giveaway! Heirloom Chevron Blanket Kit


Dear Kay, It’s safe to say that we like a blanket. The blanket radar is on at all times. You never know when a great blanket pattern is going to come along and knock you out. We took a peek at this, and our blanket radar erupted. Dead ahead: awesome blanket. This is the Heirloom Chevron Throw. It combines all the things we love: heirlooms, chevrons, and throws. It’s a garter stitch lovefest. The thing is, you take a look at...

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Bang Out a Sweater: It’s ON


Dear Kay, It’s a NASCAR green flag! Disney World rope drop! Black Friday at Walmart! It’s Bang Out a Sweater Day, so we hope that you’re starting your Stopover today, or yesterday, or tomorrow. Or whatever sweater you’re banging out. Gah, we ought to get more orderly about this sort thing, but that’s not likely. We hope you’re having fun. Who’s in? Let us know! The banging out of sweaters commenced...

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Bang Out a Sweater: A Trip to Iceland

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.00.38 PM

Dear Kay, You have mentioned (often) (sincerely) (comprehensively) your deep love of the Icelandic lopi sweater. Somehow I’d forgotten that you’d hatched this fever while in Iceland. For anyone craving a quick trip, here’s where the Kay Gardiner Icelandic sweater fever began: “Icelandic (Sweater) Saga.” I am dreaming of lopi yokes. I am waiting for my plutoloopy not-yarn plates to arrive. Anticipation for the...

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Hurry Up and Wait: Bang Out a Sweater, Soon


Dear Kay, First, some great, breaking Bang Out a Sweater news: the Stopover pattern is being revised to include more sizes. Currently it has four sizes; now, it will include one smaller size and four larger sizes, up to 5X. The updated pattern will show up in Ravelry by Saturday. If you’ve already bought the pattern on Ravelry, you’ll get the updated pattern automatically. Meanwhile Clearing the decks before my Plötulopi not-yarn...

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Yarn Strategies to Bang Out a Sweater


Dear Kay, I am itching to Bang Out a Sweater. I haven’t dropped everything for a new project since at least last Tuesday. I’ve never made a lopi sweater. I’m just so curious. Where will all this lead? The mission, to recap: • Stopover pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone. • We all cast on Monday, February 1. • Finish date: As soon as we all possibly can. Let’s dive right into that crucial decision to be...

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