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An Open Letter to Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Dear Julia, We just learned that you are a lapsed knitter. In the New York Times the other day, you talked with Dave Itzkoff, who is probably not a knitter. In particular, this got our attention: Do you have ambitions outside of acting? I’d like to become a better knitter. There was a period of time where I was knitting hats a lot, and I would like to get back to that. I found it really relaxing. My co-blogette Kay and I understand this....

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Lazy Sunday: Little Movies on Makers


Dear Kay, Is it art, craft, commerce, survival? I can’t tell where one begins and the other ends, but these four short movies have me thinking hard. Pointe shoes. What I love about this is that there are two craftspeople at work on each pair of a ballet dancer’s pointe shoes: the shoemaker in London, and the dancer in New York who remakes each shoe for the perfect fit. It’s an astonishing amount of handwork for a pair of...

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Alice Starmore, Mother of the Gradient Yarn Craze


Dear Kay, One thing occurs to me: Alice Starmore was into gradients decades before the gradient yarn craze of today. Take a look at this. This is Alice Starmore Hebridean Two Ply, in Mara, Lapwing, Calluna, and Kelpie. And this. Red Deer, Tormentil, Crotal, Mountain Hare, and Golden Plover. In the Glenesk pullover I’m making, the Starmore color sense DNA runs thick in the blood of daughter Jade Starmore. She takes these two...

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Superman vs. Batman: Fassett vs. Starmore


Dear Kay, How could you do this to me? Just when I thought I was out, you pull me back in. Seriously, I was doing so well. I was making one triangle-shaped item after another, pounding out the finished objects at a regular pace, glad to have found a way to knit lots of different yarns with no need to aim, or think, or count. (See my Kieran Foley Kerchief for proof of that.) Then you dragged out your 1985-era Kaffe Fassett Big Flower Jacket...

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The Accidental Entrepreneur


Dear Kay, To recap, here are things we’ve never done before together but have done in the past six months: Formed an LLC. Hired an accountant. Engaged a lawyer. Rented office space. Learned Quickbooks. Sort of. Uttered the word “fulfillment.” Driven to Pennsylvania to see a yarn warehouse. Obtained a business license. For those just joining us, Kay and I are deep into the development of a new website that will launch in late summer. It...

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