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Snippets: The Origin of the Muu Muu


Dear Kay, I’ve got a few things on my mind that I can’t quite shake. Apologies for the lack of photos on the first two things here, but these are worthy clicks, I promise. Thing No. 1: That Dress, Oh Wow I can’t stop thinking about this dress. Ladies of the eighteenth-century French court let themselves go by ditching their corsets and embracing the robe volante, a gorgeous swath of unpinched lavishness. I can see the direct...

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Washalong, Part 2: The Dampening


Dear Kay, On my never-ending quest to be comprehensive, I bring you Washalong, Part 2: The Dampening. You didn’t seriously think I was going to embark on a Washalong without bringing you along for every thrilling step of the way, did you? For those just joining us, the other day I shared the humbling reality of my handknits: bedraggled, begrubby, beflabby. I pulled out six favorite sweaters, then realized that washing all six of these...

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It’s Time for a Sweater Washalong!


Dear Kay, Two weeks away from the blog? I missed you all! I had to remember where the crank was on the back of this thing. As I type, Kermit has wedged himself between me and the keyboard in such a way that I can barely get to the keyboard. DONT DO IT FOODLADY DONT BLOG NO MORE I don’t have any fabulous trip photos to share. I’ve uttered the phrase “This is not a hotel” only once, though I think I did let out a...

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Lazy Sunday: Our Music, Our Kids’ Music


Dear Kay, (If you click this link, you’ll have a great soundtrack for this post.) One great thing about this summer has been talking with Clif, our seventeen year old, about music. He is into music at a sweeping yet molecular level, such a mix of genres, artists, and moods. Nick Drake. Miles Davis. Kanye. Radiohead. Kendrick Lamar. Can. Talking Heads. Bonnaroo last month gave him the chance to see a bunch of bands: LCD Soundsystem,...

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Snippets: A Pair of Cardigans, Sigh

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.16.28 PM

Dear Kay, This cardigan. Ivy Line. I can’t stop looking at it. Yoko Johnston. Her 17 patterns all have a twist—a stitch, a shape, a quirk. In Ivy Line, there’s a gathered thing going on at the shoulder. Interesting to make, graceful to look at. Meanwhile, over in Isabell Kramer Land, where the sweaters are always great, another lace cardigan. Reagan. Cool right side up, but it can be worn upside down, too. WUT? I want to...

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