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A Tour of MDK World Headquarters


Dear Kay, My procrastination level is now at Defcon 1 (Stress-induced Narcolepsy Imminent At Any Time). So it’s definitely a good day to give you a quick tour of our new home away from home, our little warehouse/office/cold meat storage facility aka MDK World Headquarters. It is so, so, so cold in here. We are curing sides of beef as a new hobby. We’re located in Germantown, a neighborhood near downtown...

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Lightning Round: I Need a Color Consult


Dear Kay, At this point, I’m a giant, watery eyeball and a claw clutching a computer mouse. The working, the working. We need to get on with our lives, honey. Should I cook up a Google Sheet for this? “Getting On With Our Lives.” Step Number 1 would be: Go Outside. Step Number 2: Replenish Larabars. The good news is that I stop occasionally and just do this. A 100% joy-delivering daymaker. Here’s where I stand on this...

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Printed in Nashville, Tennessee


Dear Kay, I’d like to introduce you to Fred. Fred holds the destiny of Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 1: Stripes in his kind-hearted hands. Or his kind-hearted computer, actually, given that the book layouts were given to him in that unceremonial, very 2016 way: a file upload. Fred Van Colln is the founder of Midtown Printing, a printer I have used for many years. The story of Midtown Printing is a perfect example of somebody...

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An American Weaver in Laos


Dear Kay, Here’s a quick six minutes of inspiration for you: the story of Carol Cassidy, a weaver from Connecticut who has lived and worked in Laos for 30 years, preserving, celebrating, and promoting the ancient traditions of handmade textiles. You think you know a little bit about the world, then whammo: you hear about Vientiane, Laos, and you feel like an idiot. Here’s the PBS NewsHour story: “The weaver who helped...

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Free Pattern for Procrastinating Knitters


Dear Kay, For today, I’d like to share what happens when confronted with a batch of yarn and a batch of deadlines. Yarn > Deadlines. I’m really sorry, but this was unavoidable. It was like Rock Paper Scissors only Deadlines Yarn. This is Bello Worsted from The Plucky Knitter, a concoction of 55% merino/45% cashmere. It is worsted weight which means these 96 stitches per row of stockinette crank satisfyingly fast. I mean: I...

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