A one-minute audio linguistics lesson: how New Orleanians pronounce “Chartres.”

Kay Is Away; Ann Soldiers (Valiantly) On


Dear Kay, Straight up, I am not comfortable writing on your day.  It just feels wrong.  I don’t have a dog photo.  I don’t know any good British teledramas (except Broadchurch, which has only two seasons to watch, not 30 like Eastenders).  I don’t have a four-acre garter stitch blanket on the go.  Despite the fact that people regularly call me Kay and you Ann, I have to face into the fact that we are separate people, for...

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Indigo Wonderland


Dear Kay, Through some minor miracle,  last night I found myself sitting in the crowd at the fabled Shakerag Workshops in Sewanee, Tennessee. The speaker was a Nigerian fabric artist who now lives in Santa Fe. This is Gasali Adeyamo. He is teaching batik, indigo dyeing, and the general concept of being awesome. His mission of preserving and celebrating age-old Nigerian dyeing traditions seems to be going pretty well. His classroom is...

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Postcard from Syria, Virginia


Dear Kay, Before I lose these in the cloud or the pool (a moment of silence for Hubbo’s phone, which went swimming with him yesterday), a few pix from the family reunion. A memorable, hard-earned sack lunch from the dining hall. Why does a ham sandwich taste so good when you’ve hiked for it? The signs were numerous. I never located Small Lounge. This just doesn’t seem quite enough for a town name. And it’s not a trip...

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Knitting Huts and Endless Talking


Dear Kay, Greetings from the wilds, I mean milds, of the Shenandoah mountains. Family reunion running on tight schedule thanks to sister Buffy’s crack planning. Breakfast/yoga/walk/lunch/nap? CHECK. I slept through the trip to the winery but recovered in time for Dad’s lecture on the history of the Meadors of Marengo County, Alabama. Weather: wet/sunny/cloudy, take your pick depending on the hour. Company: it’s family....

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Family Reunion Ahead; Batten All Hatches


Dear Kay, A quick little note before I head out to a family reunion in Virginia. See! All the sibs in one location! Imagine a weekend with no cell phone service! Will the horseback ride be a washout? #prayforrain There will be charades. Sister Buffy is running this show. Meanwhile, the optimism contained in a list titled “Follow Up” cannot be overstated. The likelihood of working through that list while surrounded by busted-out...

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