Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer gives us Hamilton fever all over again. |  Coloring Book for Knitters: treat yoself.

This is Happening: Kaffe Fassett Big Flower


Dear Ann, Yesterday was the day. I cast on Kaffe Fassett’s Big Flower Jacket from his 1985 book, Glorious Knitting. Months ago, the vintage kit for this project arrived in the mail. It was a complete surprise, a gift from Clara Parkes, who must have been in some kind of mad KonMari frenzy that I am totally not going to question. The kit did not spark joy for her. IT SPARKS JOY FOR ME. As Clara knew that it would. I was so stunned to own...

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Summer Scarf Search 2016


Dear Ann, Spring is here, and once again I take up the search for the perfect summer scarf. Eileen Fisher always leads the way, with a variety of lightweight, drapey, wrappy and often gauzy scarves. Eileen Fisher has so many scarves on offer that there is generally a tangle of good ones in the (tasteful wooden) sale bowl, and it is easy to find similar scarves elsewhere. Eileen F. is super helpful, too. Every season there is an EiFi How to Tie a...

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Ragga Knows What She’s Doing: How to Cut a Steek


Dear Ann, I miss being in your sunny backyard, making videos and dancing around with neck napkins and such. I’m so glad I finally had the opportunity to perform The Steeking. I believe this was the second time I’d shlepped this Hlekkur cardigan across state lines for purposes of steeking. I really wanted some company for my first official sweater steek. Thanks for being there for me, and documenting the moment. Credits Sweater...

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Ann’s House: Yarn Tour


Dear Ann, It’s the morning after a real knitting bender at Casa Shayne. From Friday through Sunday, every bunk had a knitter in it, and it was nonstop knittin’ and chattin’ from sunup to nightcap. Every day, sometime after breakfast and Morning Knitting, we all headed off to Opryland to get lost for a while finding and re-finding the Stitches South market in the world’s largest hotel and indoor river. But even at Stitches...

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How to Knit Sweaters That Fit


Dear Ann, “How to Knit Sweaters That Fit.”  I’ll be damned if I know! But as my Grandma Mabel used to say, once in a while even a blind pig finds water. This little piggy is taking a bath, because the sweater I knit for my friend Gael’s husband Stephen not only fits, it fits beautifully. So now I’m a leading expert on knitting sweaters that fit. Not really. If I had to make a list of all the things a person should...

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