Many, many antique socks. They look so . . . antique.

The Knitting All Around Stitch Dictionary


Dear Ann: Today we are honored to be a whistle stop on the blog tour for Wendy Bernard’s latest book, The Knitting All Around Stitch Dictionary. I’m going to stand at the end of the virtual caboose and deliver a rousing virtual speech. Ready? We love a stitch dictionary. I have honed and polished and Kon Mari’d my knitting library down to only the most useful, precious books that spark joy. Apart from sentimental favorites,...

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Giveaway: It’s Rainbow Roll (Hallelujah)


Dear Ann, (You’re welcome for the earworm. Amen!) Remember January? San Diego? TNNA? Our youth? How smitten and tickled and intrigued we were by our first sighting of Noro Rainbow Roll? And then came Stopover Fever, and the realization that Rainbow Roll, which is nothing more or less than soft, bendy pencil roving in magical Noro-designed color progressions, is the Japanese cousin of Icelandic plötulopi (aka plutoloopy), the unspun,...

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Maryland Sheep and What-All


Dear Ann, I’m sorry and sad that you’re not driving up from Nashville for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this coming Saturday and Sunday.  I’m excited for myself, though: it’s my first MSW Fest! (With all those Masters of Social Work in one place, we can sort out a lot of difficult issues, don’t you think? No?) I have a couple of problems, and I’m hoping our readers can help. First, a practical...

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Knit Less, Count More


Dear Ann, I may have a Lifetime Achievement Sweater on the needles, but I still need to have a mindless garter or stockinette project to haul around in my bag for all those moments when I’m stuck doing something boring but at least I can knit. The problem is, my current so-called mindless knitting is my Tokyo Shawl, which is pleasant and satisfying knitting, but not mindless. See how it zigs and zags? That’s the result of a very...

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Dear Ann, I have been on such an endorphin rush with this Kaffe Fassett Big Flower Jacket. It has taken years off my age. (Or maybe, years off my life? Those are two very different things.) This state of elation, of giddiness at the fun of knitting something slightly above my pay grade, has put me in a strange, powerful state of mind. (On Whole30, they call this feeling “Tiger Blood.”) I’m awesome! I can Do...

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