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We Hold These Truths


Dear Ann, Happy Fourth of July! Every year, after our hamburgers and hot dogs, we read the Declaration of Independence. We pass it around the table and everyone who can read, reads a bit. It’s been a while since we’ve had someone at the table who can’t read. I know this is probably silly, but having seen Hamilton and listened to the cast recording dozens of times this past year made reading the Declaration much more...

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All Roads Lead to Bill

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.01.06 PM

Dear Ann: You know I love a good scarf-tying video tutorial. Getting ready for a big holiday weekend here in the US, I thought this one, from Refinery29, could be useful for those planning a nautical adventure, or just swanning around on dry land. 3 different scarf looks for each day of the l-o-n-g weekend✨ Click the link in bio for more #R29ShortCuts videos for all your #summer beauty needs. A video posted by Refinery29 (@refinery29) on...

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The Road Not Taken and the Path Forward


Dear Ann, Not surprisingly, I’ve been going to town on my Fort Tryon Wrap, which has served as a security blanket on many plane trips and car rides in recent days. (“Going to town” on something was my grandma Mabel’s equivalent of your ma’s “cooking with gas.”) It has not gone quickly, what with two rip-backs (one blogged; the other my little secret), but it has not needed to go quickly. It’s...

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Life’s Rich Pageant: Remembering a Good One


Dear Ann, As you know, my hiatus from blogging last week was for a sad reason. My dad died on June 18, after several years of having a miserable time of it, in and out of hospitals and care facilities. When he finally gave out, the end seemed sudden, after all he’d managed to survive. Dad was not a regularly appearing character here on the blog, although once I did make him a rather gorgeous Portly Dad cardigan. As I headed to Omaha, I...

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Summery Snippets

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Dear Ann, I’m heading off-blog for a few days. Ann: I’m leaving you in charge. No parties. More than two friends is a party. Lisa Downstairs is there if you need anything. (She’s also keeping an eye out, if you know what I’m saying.) (What I’m saying is: no parties.) But before I go, a few summery snippets, as we welcome the season of peaches and sand. YARN THE MOVIE Has everybody been sending you links to the movie...

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