Many, many antique socks. They look so . . . antique.

How To Be a Balabusta (In 24 Years Or Less)


Dear Ann: For Jews of the world, Passover starts this evening. Depending on one’s level of observance, Passover preparation can range from merely strenuous to downright exhausting.  The pious scrub their kitchens to a fare-thee-well, and then cover all the immaculate surfaces with aluminum foil to prevent contamination with leavened foods during the eight days of the holiday. (The first time I saw a kitchen done up like this, I literally...

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Dear Ann: Here’s a great new product I’m pleased to tell you about: the Insta-Knit Summer TopTM. You get an Insta-Knit SummerTopTM when you are going through your assorted bags and bundles of knitting-related items, and come across a top that you carried around with you last summer on vacation, and you finished the front and the back, and you sewed up one of the side seams, and then you stopped and forgot all about it because a...

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Dear Ann, I seldom have any downtime on my needles. There is always a project that has got me like whoa (as the kids say). But at the moment, the project that has got me is my Damask Flower/Big Flower Jacket, and I don’t have the French Mustard 363, so for the past week I’ve been filling the empty knitting hours with a combination of Duty Knitting and KonMari knitting. “Duty Knitting” sounds like something not fun. But in...

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Deep Dive: Meet Kaffe


Dear Ann: Waiting on French Mustard 363 has given me time to reminisce, to think deep thoughts, and to contemplate how to modify perfection. Reminiscences I can’t believe how long it’s been since the evening I heard Kaffe Fassett speak at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and got to meet him briefly. The pictures are awful, but the memory is clear. I took so much of what he said to heart. Especially the part about the color...

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Giveaway: Pop Twizzle


Dear Ann, Not that I’m sitting by my mailbox or anything, but I am. The suspense is killing me. I know that dear Doris in New Hampshire has mailed my French Mustard Shade 363; she kindly sent me the tracking number. I also know that she mailed it to the wrong address. The wrong address that I gave her, when I mistyped the number of the building I have lived in for 12 years. (I blame the adrenalin of my hunt for French Mustard Shade 363,...

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