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Wet Wednesday: Metronome and Baton Rouge


Dear Ann, Although the sewing and the woading and the flea marketing kept me busy on my travels, I also kept knitting. I was working on another Metronome, the pattern so nice I knit it twice. I felt a little guilty for casting on Metronome Numéro Deux when my first one was lying there with its ends unwoven and its fabric unblocked. Sad! My punishment was that I could really have used a nice cotton-y wrap on my trip, but it had stayed home. This...

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Woad Scholars


Dear Ann: The schedule for our week at Château Dumas had Thursday down for a “woad workshop.”  I knew that woad is a natural plant dye, and I think I vaguely knew that it was blue. It seemed kind of odd to have a day of dyeing in the middle of our sewing workshop, but I was curious, and game. On the first day after we arrived, as we headed out to explore Sunday flea markets in nearby towns, they suggested that we keep an eye out...

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Workshop Withdrawal Syndrome


Dear Ann, I don’t expect you to feel sorry for me, but I’m suffering a distinct lack of lavender in the air here on the Upper West Side, now that I’ve returned from a weeklong workshop at Château Dumas in the South of France. I would like to take a restorative walk on quiet roads by fields of sunflowers, but all we’ve got are the cut ones in black plastic buckets on Columbus Avenue. I’ve got some wonderful things...

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Postcard from Avignon


Dear Ann, I have not quite made it home from my travels in France, but today is the day. Laden with handmade textiles, I’m boarding one train and two planes, and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed at the end of a long day. Upon my return, I will have much to tell you. Meanwhile, here is a photo of a garden in Avignon: And here is a photo of woad-dyed items hanging on the line. Some of them –quite a few of them–are...

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We Have a Question for You

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Dear friends and fellow constant knitters: As we’ve mentioned, since last autumn we’ve been up to our elbows in plans for our new website, which is still on schedule to launch in late September. We have a question for you. We’re making a brand-new series of little books that will explore the big world of knitting. Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides will be small in format, beautiful to look at, and fun to knit from. Every two...

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