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The Thrill of Victory: Fort Tryon Wrap


Dear Ann: On my trip to Vermont and back on Sunday, I did indeed finish my Fort Tryon Wrap, as predicted. I never even touched my bag o’ needlepoint, though. On the last miles of our drive home, I was binding off Fort Tryon, then weaving in the ends. I had full-blown Finishing Fever. There was exactly one end still a-dangling when I was dropped at our front door. Within an hour, after the world’s quickest one-skillet dinner and...

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Lazy Sunday: Two-Time Your Knitting


Dear Ann: Today we rose at dawn (summer dawn!) to get on the road to Vermont, where young Joseph has a three-week thingy to attend. I will have ample driving help. All I need is knitting: 6-8 hours of sweet, sweet car knitting. The trouble is, my Fort Tryon Wrap is coming up the backstretch; it will soon round the pole and reach the finish line. (Come to think of it, the Fort Tryon Wrap is shaped exactly like a race track, at least before...

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Snippets: Gathering the Flock

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.55.07 AM

Dear Ann, What is happening in our country? These are such sad, troubled days. I can’t stand to just yap on about knitting as if there is nothing wrong. Something is very wrong. I don’t have any answers. I’m trying to maintain hope, listen, and demand investigation and action from those in power. (Photo by Gale Zucker.) My preplanned snippet for today helps lift my spirits. Our longtime friend and collaborator, photographer...

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A Semi-Big Reveal: Fort Tryon Wrap Border


Dear Ann: Here’s the downside of asking for opinions on what color I should use for the last, outside stripe of my Fort Tryon Wrap: I have to decide whose advice to follow. People have strong opinions about color. Color makes us feel; it makes us react. And it’s hard to communicate color sense in words. I say, “I want it to have that Missoni clash of the unexpected, yet perfect.” Someone else says, “That yellowy...

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We Hold These Truths


Dear Ann, Happy Fourth of July! Every year, after our hamburgers and hot dogs, we read the Declaration of Independence. We pass it around the table and everyone who can read, reads a bit. It’s been a while since we’ve had someone at the table who can’t read. I know this is probably silly, but having seen Hamilton and listened to the cast recording dozens of times this past year made reading the Declaration much more...

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