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Rolling in the Stripes: Summer Scarf 2016


Dear Ann, After the triumphant finish to my Fort Tryon Wrap, I was casting about for my next take-along knitting project. I was also yearning, as always, for The Perfect Summer Scarf. Summer scarves are tricky. You want something cotton or linen or otherwise plant-fiberish. Or at least I do. I know many people who wear lightweight wool or cashmere in air-conditioned environments in summer, but I have never been one of them. In summer I cannot...

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The Finish Line?


Dear Kay, Oh, the finish line. I’m having flashbacks to finish lines of my past, the few times I managed to get my schnozz together to tie my shoes, show up on time, and hit the start line along with all the other better trained, more stalwart contestants. I never won a race during my brief cross-country career. I think I finished last at least once, or so far in the back that I commiserated with the runners who were faking injuries. I...

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4 Handmade Things I Bought Yesterday


Dear Kay, What a DAY. Scored all sorts of treasure at the bazaar here at the Assembly. It was a cavalcade of crafting, a melange of making. The concept of “shop local” was deep in my heart, given that the bazaar takes place maybe 100 yards from my cottage. Any more local, and it’d be in my kitchen. The real fun, of course, was talking to these folks. Craft No. 1: Crochet Our longtime knitting friend Sallie Swor has a new...

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Ewe with a View: Faroe Islands

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.33.14 PM

Dear Ann, It’s a sheep-off! I’m beginning to think that sheep are taking up cinematography as a profession. After I posted on Monday about Visit Norway’s charming sheep-centric tourism campaign, several people wrote to tell me about what’s going on in the Faroe Islands. (In case I’m not the only one who can’t keep their mental geography straight, the Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 islands, population...

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Coloring Book for Knitters: Now with Awesome Spine!


Dear everybody, Big doings! I just got a boxful of a fancy new book, The Mason-Dixon Knitting Coloring Book for Knitters. New? Hasn’t it been out since December? Yes and yes. Our beloved publisher, Clarkson Potter, has just released a trade edition of the coloring book that we originally published ourselves. This new edition has all the Juliana Horner drawings that set so many folks to coloring. Now, the paper is supersturdy, almost a...

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Knitting a Dashing Dog Coat


Dear Ann: What a pleasure to knit up Olive’s new dog coat. (For those just joining the program, it’s the Give-a-Dog-a-Bone Coat from Debbie Bliss’s book, Woolly Woofers.)  The only bit that gave me the slightest trouble was doing the shaping for the neck straps, and that was because we were talking on the phone and I kept losing track of where I was. (The yarn is a cushy, crisp worsted weight from Jill Draper Makes Stuff,...

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