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A Great Big Sweater for 2016/2017


Dear Ann, After knitting and loving a  Relax and a Boxy, and being given a beautiful Lola pullover, I thought that when sweater weather rolled around again, I might lose a little of my fire for lightweight box-top sweaters. Nope. I’ve worn these gently oversized sweaters constantly, and I’m going to continue to love wearing sweaters like them. The patterns that keep catching my eye are the Volvos of knitwear: they are boxy but good....

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Scooby Doo Knits


Dear Kay, Coming into the home stretch on the Rhinebeck Rectangle, and my pre-nostalgia for this project has already overwhelmed me. Oh, Spring Fever rectangle thingy by Amy Miller! You were with me on many phone calls, that binge-watch of The Americans, that midnight trip to the hospital that ended up being no big deal but at least I got to worry-knit through the freaky bit. I am going to miss you so much that I may make another one of you....

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Knit While You Wear It: Introducing the Scanket


Dear Kay, There’s one occasion when knitting a scarf is superior to knitting a cowl: when you get the thing long enough that you can wear it while still adding to it. Today is the first day when I can feel autumn in the air conditioning, so I’m bundling up while I add the last eight stripes to this 24-stripe colorfest, Amy Miller’s Spring Fever. I want to thank everybody for all the advice regarding the Golden Sunshine ball of...

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Saturday Con Sequences


Dear Ann, Our blog’s meltdown on Thursday was quite dramatic, wasn’t it? It was the longest outage since we’ve been doing this, and a total surprise. We’ve been told it was the carburetor. Who knows? Triple A took its time picking us up by the side of the road, but we are back up, and patched up. Thanks to everybody for sticking around. I’ve been coping with life, and the complicated knitting in my life, by starting...

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Why We Knit Part 867


Dear Ann, So, this was me for a rather large chunk of this past weekend: I was not in a flow state. I was trying very hard to make significant headway on the huge intarsia flower on the back of my Kaffe Fassett Big Flower Jacket. I told myself, if I can’t get the back done or nearly done this weekend, there is no chance of getting it done for Rhinebeck. I’m ok with not getting it done for Rhinebeck, which is, after all, an annual...

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Top Tiny Granddad Cardigans to Knit Whenever


Dear Ann: In the past couple of days, I’ve discovered two sure-fire ways to relieve any stress from working on a new project (or several new projects at the same time). Clean out your purse. Take ten minutes to do this long-overdue chore, and feel the tension melt away. Nothing clears the mind like tossing receipts for $0.79, medical massage flyers that people have thrust at you on the street, and unopened Larabars that have turned to...

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