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Saturday Con Sequences


Dear Ann, Our blog’s meltdown on Thursday was quite dramatic, wasn’t it? It was the longest outage since we’ve been doing this, and a total surprise. We’ve been told it was the carburetor. Who knows? Triple A took its time picking us up by the side of the road, but we are back up, and patched up. Thanks to everybody for sticking around. I’ve been coping with life, and the complicated knitting in my life, by starting...

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The Riftoning of Metronome


Dear Ann, I write you from deepest Ohio.  I am here to deposit a child for higher educational purposes. On the drive out yesterday, I had ice cream twice, so I will confess to being a little hung over today. (A DQ dip on the road, and later, a scoop of fresh peach in Cleveland. That’s a quarterly allotment of ice cream for me, as the only kinds I really like are DQ and fresh peach, neither of which are readily available to me on the reg.)...

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Wet Wednesday: Metronome and Baton Rouge


Dear Ann, Although the sewing and the woading and the flea marketing kept me busy on my travels, I also kept knitting. I was working on another Metronome, the pattern so nice I knit it twice. I felt a little guilty for casting on Metronome Numéro Deux when my first one was lying there with its ends unwoven and its fabric unblocked. Sad! My punishment was that I could really have used a nice cotton-y wrap on my trip, but it had stayed home. This...

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Knitting in Real Time

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.06.56 PM

Dear Ann, Sometimes there are nice synchronicities. The other day, I posted on Instagram a status photo of my fast-growing Metronome scarf, and someone commented that they felt like they are watching me knit it in real time. Then, yesterday, a kind reader emailed us a link to the fabulous news that, beginning on August 1, Netflix will be streaming a selection of Norway’s Slow TV programs, including National Knitting Evening (beginning on...

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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?


Dear Ann, It’s a sickening thud to realize how vulnerable we are. As Lin-Manuel Miranda keeps saying, nothing is promised, not one day. Knitting doesn’t fix everything, or anything, really. I guess it fixes sitting in a chair listening to a convention and wanting to do something productive while you are listening. That’s what I’ve been doing in the evenings, this week and last week. I don’t know how people listen to...

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The Thrill of Victory: Fort Tryon Wrap


Dear Ann: On my trip to Vermont and back on Sunday, I did indeed finish my Fort Tryon Wrap, as predicted. I never even touched my bag o’ needlepoint, though. On the last miles of our drive home, I was binding off Fort Tryon, then weaving in the ends. I had full-blown Finishing Fever. There was exactly one end still a-dangling when I was dropped at our front door. Within an hour, after the world’s quickest one-skillet dinner and...

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