Best news all day: Clif’s friend is out of ICU, so much better. Love to you all for such kind thoughts.

Knitting in Real Time

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Dear Ann, Sometimes there are nice synchronicities. The other day, I posted on Instagram a status photo of my fast-growing Metronome scarf, and someone commented that they felt like they are watching me knit it in real time. Then, yesterday, a kind reader emailed us a link to the fabulous news that, beginning on August 1, Netflix will be streaming a selection of Norway’s Slow TV programs, including National Knitting Evening (beginning on...

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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?


Dear Ann, It’s a sickening thud to realize how vulnerable we are. As Lin-Manuel Miranda keeps saying, nothing is promised, not one day. Knitting doesn’t fix everything, or anything, really. I guess it fixes sitting in a chair listening to a convention and wanting to do something productive while you are listening. That’s what I’ve been doing in the evenings, this week and last week. I don’t know how people listen to...

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The Thrill of Victory: Fort Tryon Wrap


Dear Ann: On my trip to Vermont and back on Sunday, I did indeed finish my Fort Tryon Wrap, as predicted. I never even touched my bag o’ needlepoint, though. On the last miles of our drive home, I was binding off Fort Tryon, then weaving in the ends. I had full-blown Finishing Fever. There was exactly one end still a-dangling when I was dropped at our front door. Within an hour, after the world’s quickest one-skillet dinner and...

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Lazy Sunday: Peach Cake and Pink Cashmere


Dear Kay, Oh, we’re in it now, aren’t we? July 3 can only be described as summer. I’ve got two things on my mind—other than the decline and fall of civilization as we know it and also Smokey Robinson who’s really got a hold on me, what with the Motown playlist and all. Thing 1: Peaches I ate all the peaches I had around the house. I held out as long as I could stand it, waited for them to get loose in the skin and...

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Back to Rectangle One


Dear Ann, There is a spectrum of perfectionism in knitting. I’m at an extreme end of the scale. Once I know about a mistake, I have to fix it, even if it doesn’t really make a difference to the wear or the look of the garment. I do not subscribe to the “trotting horse school,” in which you don’t have to worry about a mistake unless it can be seen from a trotting horse. Or on a trotting horse. It has something to do...

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Postcard from TNNA


Dear Ann, As you know, because you’re here, we’re at TNNA in Washington, D.C., for the weekend. So far, it’s been a lot of hugging and kissing, meeting and greeting, and sitting and knitting. You meet the randomest people. Here are Clara Parkes and Franklin Habit, the filling in a Mason-Dixon Knitting sandwich of love. A milestone has been reached. (Note how the center strip perfectly matches the bricks of Ninth Street,...

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