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Border Disorder


Dear Kay, What a night! What pfaffed-up TV knit nite! I blame it on a mini-binge of the most recent episodes of Nashville. (The entire economy of this city hinges on whether ABC is going to renew the show for a fifth season. We are not going to survive if this TV soap opera is shut down. Somebody cook up a Kickstarter.) I finished casting off the final stitch of Kieran Foley’s Kerchief, and it looked like this: Yay! A wacky border on a...

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Summer Scarf Search 2016


Dear Ann, Spring is here, and once again I take up the search for the perfect summer scarf. Eileen Fisher always leads the way, with a variety of lightweight, drapey, wrappy and often gauzy scarves. Eileen Fisher has so many scarves on offer that there is generally a tangle of good ones in the (tasteful wooden) sale bowl, and it is easy to find similar scarves elsewhere. Eileen F. is super helpful, too. Every season there is an EiFi How to Tie a...

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Quick Trip: BNA-BOS-BNA


Dear Kay, Well, I’m home. I spent more time in airports than I did with David, but sometimes a mom has to go inspect her boy. He seems good. I think. Do we ever really know? The children are so clever around the parents; they know how to say the thing that will make the mom stop asking the thing she’s asking. We made a stop at CVS to buy a box of trash bags. David expressed some urgency about this errand. Who greets his mom...

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Hurry Up and Wait: Bang Out a Sweater, Soon


Dear Kay, First, some great, breaking Bang Out a Sweater news: the Stopover pattern is being revised to include more sizes. Currently it has four sizes; now, it will include one smaller size and four larger sizes, up to 5X. The updated pattern will show up in Ravelry by Saturday. If you’ve already bought the pattern on Ravelry, you’ll get the updated pattern automatically. Meanwhile Clearing the decks before my Plötulopi not-yarn...

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Mama Needs a New Cowl: A Contest


Dear Ann, Yesterday I washed and blocked a new Honey Cowl (MadTosh Sport, 300 stitches, in a color called Whisker that really is reminiscent of a 5 o’clock shadow). (Do people still say “5 o’clock shadow” in this bearded age? Is it still a thing? As one gets older does this kind of  uncertainty plague one’s entire vocabulary?) Today I cast on another Honey Cowl (MadTosh DK, 260 stitches, in a steely pale blue...

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Walking the Walk, Olive Style


Dear Kay, This is Olive. She has started the new year by going Whole30, Kon Mari-ing her crate, and using a bullet journal to plan her naps. She also bought a year’s worth of spin classes, got some highlights and hired a wardrobe consultant. She has a Fitbit now, which brings me to the reason I mention Olive: she needs to get her steps up, so she may or may not be attending the Walk in the Park we are cooking up for Sunday, January...

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