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Cutting Class at Finishing School

Dear Ann, Earlier this week, I was digging through my denim stash in search of pom pom fixings (as you do), and I came across this artifact. It’s a Baby Surprise Jacket made of denim pom pom fixings. I do not recall when I made it, but I believe it was during the 2006-2008 period when we were renovating and life was a cycle of packing, unpacking and dust protection efforts. I remember pondering how to seam this little sweater. Because I...

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Knitting Aphorisms Revisited

Dear Ann, Last night was a dark night of the knitting soul. As I was doing the final (500+-stitch) rounds of Quadrature, I had to consult the pattern again to read the bit about some increases required only in the final rows of the B cables. (The B cables are the ones on the sides; the A cables are the ones on the corners. They are the same. OR SO I THOUGHT.) This was when I discovered, with a kind of handheld-camera, horror-flick terror, that I...

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part 1

What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part 1 - 1

Dear Kay, Well, I hardly know where to begin, having been away so long! I’ve been in Monteagle all summer, back in Realityland now, where the wi-fi flows and the AC works. It’s been weeks since I wrote, and there’s so much to tell. I’ll jump in with the thing I’m working on right this minute. There’s a new baby in the fambly, a snurgly new great-niece. When the news came, I immediately a) stared at her photo...

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Sending Up the Bat Signal

Sending Up the Bat Signal - 1

Dear Ann, I knew it had been a while since my last post when a loyal NKR (non-knitting reader) who checks this site just to confirm that I’m (a) alive and well and (b) still twittering about knitting, asked me if we were going to rent out the blog since obviously we are not occupying it ourselves this month. The fact that I am overcommitted and undercaffeinated does not mean that I cannot take the time to google for a For Rent sign...

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Finishing on the Go

Finishing on the Go - 1

Dear Ann, Well, I ‘ve been a-rambling and a-wandering, and I’m about to set off for more. On Wednesday I experienced the rapturous transports of a 6-hour round-trip journey to Philadelphia on NJ Transit and SEPTA (Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority). I was ALONE. All was QUIET. I had FAKE UGG BOOTIES AND A SHERPA HAT to finish for Cristina’s newest boy, Elio. It could have been the Orient Express–I...

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Bears in Hats

Bears in Hats - 1

Dear Ann, There are times when a still, small voice tells you it’s time to take a break from what you’re currently doing. One of those times is when you find yourself putting a hat on a teddy bear and taking a picture of it. I know, Ann, that using stuffed animals as knitwear models is not in accordance with the Mason-Dixon Stylebook. But as this hat is for Jamie, and as Jamie has yet to show up in her new hometown, and as...

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