Excuse Me While I Kvell

Excuse Me While I Kvell - 1

Dear Ann, As you know, it’s been a rough week in the Charity Knitting Department of our Northern Division. After fiddling with silent auction buttonbands for what seemed like days, I showed up at the school craft fair with three well-meaning fringey items, only to be told that this year’s Knitting Table had been cancelled for lack of contributions. Sigh. So there were my little guys in a basket, an Island of Misfit Knits. ...

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Ready For My Sew-Up

Ready For My Sew-Up - 1

Dear Ann, It’s amazing the amount of knitting a person can get done when there is no computer handy. Despite martyrdom in the kitchen over the Thanksgiving weekend, I managed to power through the back, fronts, second sleeve, and collar of the Checker jacket from Tadpoles and Tiddlers. Here it is, waiting for me to give it button bands, buttonholes, and a good hot shrink ‘n fade in the washing machine: And here’s a close-up...

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The Dress is in the Mail

The Dress is in the Mail - 1

Dear Ann, Here’s the dress–now, where did that Rosie get to? I’m pretty proud of myself. This little Miss Bea’s Jumping Dress took only a little over a week from start to finish, including blocking and sewing up. Here’s a bonus: it will actually fit Baby Rose NOW, instead of when she’s 13 like some of the other stuff I’ve made for her: This is the wrap-around top from Debbie Bliss’s Easy Baby...

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Betty Ford Would Approve

Betty Ford Would Approve - 1

Dear Ann, After finishing Core, and the self-inflicted aggravation that entailed, I really did not feel like picking up the next troublesome project (a Jaeger braided-cable top that has miles of braided-cable left to go). None of my other half-finished projects looked all that enticing, either. What I needed was something fun, something easy, something rehabilitative. So I went to my comfort zone, by which I mean stocking stitch, baby size,...

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Baby William gets knitty

Baby William gets knitty - 1

So for the first time in my life I finished a baby sweater BEFORE the baby arrived. My old colleague Elizabeth Herbert finally gave up the ghost, two weeks and a day after the due date, and William Herbert is now here. I’ll be taking his little pale green doodah over to him tomorrow. It’s from Debbie Bliss’s QUICK BABY KNITS (not to be confused with BABY QUICK KNITS, QUICK KNITS FOR BABIES, or QUICKIE BABY KNITS or any of her...

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