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Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert - 1

Dear Ann, Hi. What’s up with you? [SPOILER ALERT] I’m knitting blankets. But my blankets are getting too big to carry around, especially in this heat. Experienced knitter that I am, I know the answer to this one: cast on something new! [SPOILER ALERT] Another blanket! The latest blanket began its journey as a Gaia shawl. Before that, it was an impulse purchase, one early-summer evening at La Casita: 6 balls of Noro Aya in...

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National Frog Something Day

National Frog Something Day - 1

Dear Ann, I declare today, June 9, to be my own personal Frog Something Day. I’ve virtually frogged two projects! That’s at least 2 years worth of Coming To Terms With Reality, for me. Usually when I’m knitting something and it’s not working out, the project gets put aside for a minute and then, like something on the ID Channel, it’s never heard from again. These projects are not ever coming back to me, but I...

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Where to Knit in……NYC

Where to Knit in......NYC - 1

Dear Ann, Once in a while I discover a great new place to knit in public, and I gotta share: Bull Moose Dog Run, Theodore Roosevelt Park, New York, New York What it has going for it (apart from the hilarious name): Sunny but also shady; dappled light makes for great stitch definition. Ample benches for ample knitters, and also for knitting bags and any equipment you’re hauling from Little League. The gravel may get stuck in your...

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Patchy - 1

Dear Ann, The sock-yarn log cabin has reached a Turning Point. I’m 6 blocks into it. But I don’t like one of the blocks. Meanwhile, knitting six 10-inch squares, at 8 stitches to the inch, gives a girl time to think of New Stuff To Do. I have eliminated the unloved square. “It’s not you, it’s me,” I told it. “I’m just not that into variegation.” Now I am poised on the precipice of...

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On The Fly

On The Fly - 1

Dear Ann, It’s Spring Break and we are heading South for a few days. Meanwhile, I’m wrecking my wrists cranking square after square for my Cabin Raising blanket in Sophie’s Toes sock yarn. I may have mentioned that this blanket is on Number 2 needles. THIS BLANKET IS ON NUMBER TWO NEEDLES. A personal first I gotta say. Only bothers me when I think about it. Still life with back cover of Amish Abstractions, a book of...

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Deja-vous? Don’t Mind If I Do

Deja-vous?  Don't Mind If I Do - 1

Dear Ann, Where does the time go? It’s hard to keep track, especially if you keep knitting the same thing over and over. This is the nice clean carpet in the airport in Madison, where I spent 5 hours of serenity on Sunday, waiting for LaGuardia to work through its storm delays. Just me, a Spotted Cow, a baggie of cheese curds (from the newstand; this was Madison), and a freshly-acquired hoard of Sophie’s Toes famous hand-dyed...

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