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This Too Shawl Pass

This Too Shawl Pass - 1

Dear Ann, Olive is harshing on me in this photo. She’s judging me because although I only have 2 garter ridges left on the Flaggy Blankie, toward the end of last week I was laid low by a wicked case of the Starties. As always, it hit me from behind. I had been sitting on 6 skeins of Alchemy Haiku, in the lemony-lime shade of Citrine, for a full year without being seized with any particular impulse to knit it. I had bought it last year...

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Obsession Regression

Obsession Regression - 1

Dear Ann, It started with the ordinary need, right this minute, for a project I could knit without looking, or thinking. (Couldn’t manage Citron in the movies, due to the evenly-spaced increases every few rows.) (Obviously couldn’t go to the movies without knitting. Hello? This is me?) OK, I’m way behind on my baby blankets; I thought, I’ll start on a striped denim blanket like that one I made back in 2000 or 2001...

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Top o’ the Day, and Bottom o’ the Barrel

Top o' the Day, and Bottom o' the Barrel - 1

Dear Kay, One casualty of this sleep mania I’m experiencing is that it seriously cuts into my most prime knitting time: late at night, parked in front of some movie featuring Julia Roberts. I’m not giving up, mind you, but I’ve GOT to figure out some system for getting enough knitting done. My Fair Isle Starmore project is officially parked for the duration. In its place, I’ve just returned to the sort of soul-satisfying,...

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Give A Man A Fish

Give A Man A Fish - 1

Dear Ann, While it may be wise to teach a man to fish, so that he can eat for a lifetime (provided he’s not a vegetarian), would it kill you to give a guy a tuna sandwich once in a while? That’s sort of what happened with my friend LB’s Noro Log Cabin. You will recall that I ripped and re-knit 8 skeins that she had knitted into a bucket shape while intending to knit something more typically blanket-shaped and therefore flat. ...

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The Quality of Flatness Is Not Strained

The Quality of Flatness Is Not Strained - 1

Dear Ann, Over the Memorial Day weekend, I encountered a piece of knitting that was in such deep trouble that the theme song from “COPS” came into my head, unbidden. “Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” The Bad Boy In Question Background: A couple of years ago, Diana’s friend, whom we shall refer to as “LB”, started a log cabin blanket inspired by...

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Free Knitting Now, Right in Your Own Home

Free Knitting Now, Right in Your Own Home - 1

Dear Kay, In these challenging economic times, I have been doing a fair amount of dumpster diving in my closet–the place I keep yarn and also, in a pinch, clothes. I keep finding unfinished objects, and I keep resuscitating my excitement about them. I can hardly encourage you enough to try this budget-stretching technique: Go find an unfinished object, and sit for a minute with it in an intentional way. Array it beautifully on the kitchen...

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