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Wreath Spotting, Cornerstone Blanket Update–and a Drawing

Wreath Spotting, Cornerstone Blanket Update--and a Drawing - 1

Dear Ann, First, an update for our readers on the Cornerstone Blanket fundraising project. As of this morning, we have sent off 110 downloads of the pattern to knitters who donated at least 10 bucks to Citymeals-on-Wheels, a New York City charity that rose immediately to the aid of those in need after superstorm Sandy, and now needs extra funding to replenish its pantries and continue its work at a heightened level. Even more exciting, the...

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Let’s Do This Thing

Let's Do This Thing - 1

Dear Everybody, After a few weeks of frantic knitting by me; cool, calm, collected work on the Quark machine by Ann; and eagle-eyed spadework by our offshore Technical Editing Department, we are proud to announce that our Hurricane Sandy relief fundraiser pattern, the Cornerstone Blanket, is available for purchase. We did things differently this time. Here’s a brief explanation of what’s different, and why. When you go to the the...

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Two Tributes, Knitted, In Progress

Two Tributes, Knitted, In Progress - 1

Dear Ann, Helloooooo down there in dry, dry Tennessee. I hope it rains soon, and that iced-tea supplies are robust. I am trying to come to grips with the fact that I, an avowed sock-knitting abstainer, am knitting a pair of socks. For Stephen Colbert. No, I’m not giving up on my quest to charm Stephen Colbert with handknit socks. I see no reason to give up. Stephen Colbert has gone on vacation for 2 weeks (this week and next week). I...

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No Pointless Surfing

No Pointless Surfing - 1

Dear Kay, I’ve been sucked into a low-pressure system of Low Ambition Knitting. I’d call it a tropical depression except that I actually am feeling kind of low, so let’s just say we’re in a cone of uncertainty. I’ve been reading patterns endlessly these days, looking for that perfect thing to make, but nothing has grabbed me. I think I’m letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I dipped into Debbie...

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Big - 1

Dear Ann, I had a wonderful time at La Casita last Tuesday night. My students were a magical mix: including a medical examiner, lawyers, students, moms, a sister of a judge I used to appear before, and a Norwegian-American who named one of her sons the name I tried to name Joseph. (Wouldn’t Joseph have made a great Nils?) (On the Danish branch of my family tree, the name Nils was compulsory. You had to get Nils out of the way, and have...

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The Power of Collective Thinking About Square Shapes

The Power of Collective Thinking About Square Shapes - 1

Dear Ann, I’m on the jitney bus to Southampton, soaking up the delicious free wifi. Our house out here is an Internet-free zone, which forces us into all kinds of involuntary wholesome activity not involving sitting on our butts staring at the screen. Not that sitting on our butts staring at the screen is a bad thing, mind you– I’m all for it! But for a few precious weeks and days of the year, we choose to spray water at...

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