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Miters of the Corn

Miters of the Corn - 1

Dear Ann, When Amber comes over, here’s the script: “AMBER COMES OVER: A SCENE IN ONE SCENE” [Amber and Kay embrace while jumping up and down and squealing, you-just-made-the-cheerleading-squad style.] Amber: Miters! Kay: Mitersmitersmiters! [More jumping, now spinning.] Kay: STRIPES! Amber: Stripes YES! [Yarn now tumbling out of plastic bags as jumping slows due to advancing age of one and advancing pregnancy of the...

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What The Heck Would You Do In a Situation Like That?

What The Heck Would You Do In a Situation Like That? - 1

Dear Ann, The problem with quoting Napoleon Dynamite, I’ve discovered, is that people don’t know it’s Napoleon Dynamite; they think it’s you, sounding only slightly more stupid and angry than usual. But I find my inner Napoleon comes bubbling to the surface a lot. Especially when my most sweet ideas go awry, and my skills let me down. Remember the bright idea I had to knit half a blanket in doubled Cascade 220, and...

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Punch List

Punch List - 1

Dear Ann, There have been kind requests for a virtual tour of our apartment after 9-months-that-we’re-calling-6-months of renovation. There have been sweet compliments about the dotty chair and seemingly vast kitchen sink (a trick of photography; it’s a regular double sink; stick a camera on the edge of your kitchen sink, and marvel at the canyon of stainless steel). I would be thrilled to relive each and every olive hinge (to...

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Gandhi Would Be Proud

Gandhi Would Be Proud - 1

Dear Ann, You’d think it would be fairly easy to take a picture of a baby on a baby blanket: 1. Place baby on blanket. 2. Snap picture. How hard could it be? I set out to do this last week with the group-knit orangey-pink mitered square blanket for Lis’s baby girl, Jamie. (Details on how to make a blanket like this are here). Like most knitters of mitered square blankets, I’m a fairly stubborn person; oh yeah, I can get...

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The Sisterhood of the Blankie

The Sisterhood of the Blankie - 1

Dear Ann, Well, there I went, calling myself a control freak, and I didn’t even set a deadline for the Jamie Blankie [hangs head in shame]. I didn’t even give any finished measurements for the squares [writhes in humiliation]. What the heck: it turns out I’m bossy but I’m not all that effective at controlling other people. And isn’t controlling people the whole point–the joy, really– of being a...

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Psychodrama - 1

j_ p://www.masondixonknitting.com/archives/images/psychoroses.jpg”> Dear Ann, I freely admit that throughout this long holiday weekend, whether I was feeding children, or whether I was enjoying one of the delightful moments when someone else was feeding the children, I was either knitting squares for my Psychedelic Squares Afghan, or thinking about my Psychedelic Squares Afghan. As you can see from the photo above, I have sewn up a grand...

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