Dear Ann, Wow. Wow. Wow. Your India Instagrams of sissy’s wedding are thrilling. The vibrancy of color and texture make my white Leaves of Grass shawl feel pasty by comparison. But hey, I’m a pasty person. All my people are pasty. Pasty is as pasty does. My point, and I do have one: everybody go follow @annshayne on Instagram. The hashtags #sagarmeadorwedding and #Bangalorewedding are also excellent. Here, I find myself at round 25...

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Anaconda of Love


Dear Kay, The clock is TICKING on this wedding present blanket. I am way behind but hope to power through in order to get this thing on its way to the bride and groom in Chicago before they depart for India next week. And, relatedly, before I depart for India too. Squares: done. Blocking: done. Phase III: The Attachment? Not so fast there, hon. To review: the squares have live stitches on all sides, held on waste yarn. The squares are joined...

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Let Noro Be Noro


Dear Kay, The way I see it, there are two ways to knit with Noro. You care, or you don’t. You aim, or you don’t aim. It is possible to impose order on a project made with Noro yarn–Ravelry is awash with knitters who have managed, through patience, yarn-splicing, and white-knuckle courage to end up with a cardigan with matching stripes on both sleeves. For me, I just accept the worldview that Mr. Eisaku Noro presents, all 100...

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Knitting Aphorisms Revisited

Dear Ann, Last night was a dark night of the knitting soul. As I was doing the final (500+-stitch) rounds of Quadrature, I had to consult the pattern again to read the bit about some increases required only in the final rows of the B cables. (The B cables are the ones on the sides; the A cables are the ones on the corners. They are the same. OR SO I THOUGHT.) This was when I discovered, with a kind of handheld-camera, horror-flick terror, that I...

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To Keep You Busy (While I Make Granny Squares)

To Keep You Busy (While I Make Granny Squares) - 1

Dear Ann, While I work out my granny square Problem (the family has scheduled an intervention), I have a knitting recipe to share. But first, an Aside. I am perpetually puzzled by people who feel very strongly that knitting is good and crochet is bad, or vice versa. I do find my own (now, obviously, resolved) resistance to crochet amusing, and have wondered where it came from, but I never found crochet “ugly”, at least not as a...

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Atonement - 1

Dear Ann, Today I want to briefly address a private matter. I have acted in a way that violates my obligations to sew the lace edging on my latest Rowan sweater, and violates my — or any — sense of RS and WS. I apologize first and most importantly to my family. I apologize to the knitblog community, whom I promised better. I do not believe that knitting in the long run is about individuals. It is about dishrags, sweaters, and...

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