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Summer Love


Dear Ann, Don’t get me started on the notion that knitting is seasonal and that its season is not summer. That’s crazy talk.  I don’t understand how a person who likes to knit could stop doing it for an entire season.  As a mammal, I understand that hot temperatures and cuddly-cozy animal fibers might not be compatible. Yesterday, when New York suddenly came over all muggy, I started to really feel the alpaca content as I...

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When in Doubt, Procrastinate

blank page

Dear Kay, Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to procrastinate. Nobody does it better than us. In an archive deep dive, here’s The Kay Gardiner SermonetteTM on how to accomplish a lot by accomplishing nothing: “Procrastination.” One of the (many) (unintentionally completed) projects you write about is this washcloth, Cindy Taylor’s Reverse Bloom Flower Washcloth, here rendered in Crystal Palace Cotton...

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The Cobbler’s Dishrag Drawer

holy dishrag

Dear Ann, It has come to this. My once-glorious dishrag drawer is faded and bedraggled. I first noticed the general lowering of the tone of my dishcloths quite a while ago, but I kept pushing aside such unthinkable thoughts. The fact is, I’ve not been in the dishcloth knitting mood for a while now. Then, recently, a visitor commented on the sad state of my also-once-glorious tea towels. I had to face it: I’ve let myself go. The tea...

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Farewell to All That (Yarn)

Farewell to All That (Yarn) - 1

Dear Ann, I have been remiss in blabbing about dishrags this summer. It’s the summer of being remiss, apparently. The Dishcloth Calendar (of blessed memory) is no longer being produced by the lovely Janet Nogle. But when Janet and her dishrag-knitting posse learned that Elmore-Pisgah, the Carolina manufacturere of made-in-the-USA Peaches & Creme dishcloth cotton yarn, was closing up shop, they went into the studio and produced an...

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This Erases Everything

This Erases Everything - 1

Dear Ann, We have a friend who exclaims, upon seeing/hearing/tasting something new and spectacular, ‘This erases EVERYTHING!’ All life experiences that preceded this wine/chocolate/concerto/toe-grafting technique have been obliterated; they exist no more. So how about this? It may not erase everything, but it can wipe it up. This, my dear, is a moebius handtowel. (Perhaps the world’s first moebius towel, but my natural...

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Don’t Go Changin’

Don't Go Changin' - 1

Dear Ann, Your letter roused me from my Christmas-pudding-induced post-holiday torpor (it was delicious by the way; thanks Polly!). Whatchyoutalkinbout, girl, with this Total Change In Ann Presentation? Is there some other Pamela Lee out there, with closets full of wool cardigans to match every known color of dirt, that I don’t know about? Remember one of our 1001 Official Mason-Dixon Knitting Mottos for 2004: “Be Who You...

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