We cannot stop watching Louise’s movie of her completed coloring book.  |  A Coloring Book for Knitters, here.

Cumberbatch Spawns Knitting Project


Dear Kay, Benedict Cumberbatch has a demented legion of fans, and I like the guy. He’s a great Sherlock, and a fine codebreaker. I think. I confess I don’t remember much about The Imitation Game except Keira Knightley’s cardigan. I am quite possibly The Number-One Superfan of Keira Knightley’s Cardigan Featured in The Imitation Game. Deliciously dowdy. Only in a movie with the most intense brainiac nerds could a...

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Deep Winter Knitting


Dear Kay, Actually, I’d like to address this note to Canada. Dear Canada: WE’VE GOT YOUR WEATHER DOWN HERE. PLEASE COME GET IT. The only upside to it being 3 outside is, of course, the knitter’s paradise that comes with freakin’ cold-ass weather. Bring it on: I am wearing my most industrial gear, grateful for it all: Boreal, Laurel, Donegal, and that dense wonder, the Bubble Wrap Cowl. This morning I even took a...

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Fair Isle That Won’t Break Your Spirit


Dear Kay, An interesting post from Karie Bookish: “On Devaluating Hand-knitting.” Perennially difficult subject: getting paid fairly for handknitting. Can anybody think of a way to improve this age-old problem? I’ve been motoring away on a cowl that threatens to become a piece of furniture. It’s the Pine Bough Cowl by Dianna-Potter-now-Dianna-Walla. It’s stranded, knit in the round, to be the sort of cowl you would...

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Halloween Candy: Let It Rain


Dear Kay, It’s Kit Kat versus Payday around here. The good news is that the chance of rain tonight is 100%, which means . . . Paydays galore. I’m feeling the lack of Fair Isle in my life, now that I finished that Kiki Mariko sweater. Part of the allure of Fair Isle is looking at Fair Isle: armchair knitting. I know, all knitting is basically armchair knitting because you tend to knit while sitting in a chair. But there’s a...

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Blizzard Conditions Challenge Photo Shoot of Finished Object

Blizzard Conditions Challenge Photo Shoot of Finished Object - 1

Dear Kay, I can’t stand an unfinished story, and I crave a happy ending more than just about anything. I’ve been waiting for the right day to take a proof-of-completion photo of a finished object. Namely, I was waiting for a snowy day to take a photo of this snowflake sweater, but none ever came! Until Saturday that is, when a blizzard struck, and we were completely snowbound, and we were down to the last Trader Joe’s Chicken...

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Things Done and Undone: Sleeve Update

Things Done and Undone: Sleeve Update - 1

Dear Kay, Oh for pity’s SAKE I finished the second sleeve of this thing. The problem isn’t that it’s hard. The problem is that it’s not portable. You have sit right there with the thing, with the chart and your snack bar of tiny balls of yarns, with your steam up and your Internet off. You need your good light, because after sunset, Pickle = Bark and Bramble = Roseberry. You need things to align like the sunbeams on a...

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