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Proof of Progress, Fair Isle Mania


Dear Kay, A quick report on Glenesk, the Jade Starmore Fair Isle pullover that is the closest thing to crack I’ve discovered since Trader Joe’s invented the clear plastic tub of chocolate-covered things. This is two repeats of the pattern. Finishing a 44-row repeat has an epic feel to it. Also: what does that stitch marker down at the hem tell me? Nothing. I have no idea why I put that thing there! I’m sorry you can’t...

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In a Big, Big Groove on This Thing


Dear Kay, I’m relieved to report that I am on my way. I’ve made it through the first 44-row repeat of this Jade Starmore Glenesk pullover, aka My Constant Companion. All I can say is that I look forward to a conference call with uncommon enthusiasm these days. Keep talking, everybody! I’m busting on this thing. My chart has now arrived at its optimum level of usefulness. It’s like a coloring book for knitters. The...

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Cumberbatch Spawns Knitting Project


Dear Kay, Benedict Cumberbatch has a demented legion of fans, and I like the guy. He’s a great Sherlock, and a fine codebreaker. I think. I confess I don’t remember much about The Imitation Game except Keira Knightley’s cardigan. I am quite possibly The Number-One Superfan of Keira Knightley’s Cardigan Featured in The Imitation Game. Deliciously dowdy. Only in a movie with the most intense brainiac nerds could a...

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Deep Winter Knitting


Dear Kay, Actually, I’d like to address this note to Canada. Dear Canada: WE’VE GOT YOUR WEATHER DOWN HERE. PLEASE COME GET IT. The only upside to it being 3 outside is, of course, the knitter’s paradise that comes with freakin’ cold-ass weather. Bring it on: I am wearing my most industrial gear, grateful for it all: Boreal, Laurel, Donegal, and that dense wonder, the Bubble Wrap Cowl. This morning I even took a...

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Fair Isle That Won’t Break Your Spirit


Dear Kay, An interesting post from Karie Bookish: “On Devaluating Hand-knitting.” Perennially difficult subject: getting paid fairly for handknitting. Can anybody think of a way to improve this age-old problem? I’ve been motoring away on a cowl that threatens to become a piece of furniture. It’s the Pine Bough Cowl by Dianna-Potter-now-Dianna-Walla. It’s stranded, knit in the round, to be the sort of cowl you would...

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Halloween Candy: Let It Rain


Dear Kay, It’s Kit Kat versus Payday around here. The good news is that the chance of rain tonight is 100%, which means . . . Paydays galore. I’m feeling the lack of Fair Isle in my life, now that I finished that Kiki Mariko sweater. Part of the allure of Fair Isle is looking at Fair Isle: armchair knitting. I know, all knitting is basically armchair knitting because you tend to knit while sitting in a chair. But there’s a...

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