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Bro Crafting

Bro Crafting - 1

Dear Kay, Alt Crafting Effort No. 2 this summer involved lacrosse. During my stirring three-day stand at the NCAA Lacrosse Championships in Baltimore with 12-year-old son Clif, it became clear to me that the lax bros put on a good show of being studly and cool and pretty much above it all–but I knew their dark secret. They are all seriously into macrame. And now, thanks to Clif’s obsession, so am I. To review: lacrosse used to use...

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Made in the USA

Made in the USA - 1

Dear Ann, (Ignore that picture up there for a second.) HEY HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW ISSUE OF Twist Collective? Best. Issue. Ever. (As always, the Problem Ladies are there, looking over the tops of their half-glasses and trying to give helpful, non-judgmental advice. While sometimes giving unhelpful and/or judgmental advice.) My knitting of Square Stuff continues apace, and in a not very photogenic way. All manner of squares, imperceptibly...

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Home Improvements

Home Improvements - 1

Dear Kay, FINALLY. Take a look to the right. In the interest of building a better blog, we now have Google providing insta-translation in 45 different languages. Croatian, Filipino, all kinds of things. Hebrew, Kay! Yiddish! I’m curious to hear from anyone who’s multilingual: just how peculiar does all this sound when translated by a computer? (As opposed to just plain old English peculiar, I mean.) So go ahead: one world,...

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Rhinebeck Rughook Hangover

Rhinebeck Rughook Hangover - 1

Dear Ann, You probably knew this, but I’ll tell you anyway. Yesterday’s drive home from Rhinebeck just about killt me. Don’t get me wrong: the company was great. You, Mary Neal and Bonne Marie were every bit as shiny and charming on Sunday night as you had been on Friday morning–and you can’t say that about many other carloads of hard-knittin’ wimminfolk. But it was eating away at me, mile by mile,...

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Eggs, Paper Towels, We’ll Dye Anything

Eggs, Paper Towels, We'll Dye Anything - 1

Dear Kay, Eggs were a dollar a dozen at the store yesterday, so we flat did some dyeing last night. At one point, David held up the paper towel he had been using to rub on his eggs and pointed out how much like tie dye it looked. Well, you can imagine where that led: It’s a lot faster than tie dyeing a shirt. You can decorate your door with it. And you end up with some trippy wrapping paper. This was our best batch–these eggs...

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Git ‘Er Done

Git 'Er Done - 1

Dear Kay, I’m in a total flow state with the rocking chair cushions, wallowing in some dorked-out cushion-coverin’, fambly-neglectin’, upholsterizin’ good times. Before I started this little project, I stewed about how to make a cushion without having to get into the hardcore mechanics of cushion making. I didn’t want to be RESPONSIBLE for the structural INTEGRITY of my CUSHION–I just wanted it to look purty,...

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