Learn how to crawl: the New York City Yarn Crawl is on through Sunday, September 25.

Postcard from the Upper West Side

Postcard from the Upper West Side - 1

Dear Ann, So, remember when you were here in September and we needed to buy some stamp pads so that we could rubber stamp our woodcut heads onto stuff (like you do)–and we stopped in at Stationery & Toy World on West 72nd Street? And I said, “this is a neighborhood institution,” and you said, “oh yes, I can see that.” The “World” in the store’s name always tickles me. From the outside, it...

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For the Love of Miters (and each other)

For the Love of Miters (and each other) - 1

Dear Ann, You know I have a soft spot for miters. So you will understand why I went all wobbly in the lower lip when I saw this project. Once in a while a group knitting project really comes together, and is beautiful on the inside AND the outside; there is soul in the gesture and in the object itself. The phrase “greater than the sum of its parts” comes to mind. I hope it has magical, mitered healing powers. It sure looks like...

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