How to Make a Knitter


Dear Ann, You can’t make a person into a knitter by a direct route. Making knitters is a circuitous process requiring a mix of patience, hope and indifference. Once you’ve picked your target, don’t get up in their grill and say things like, “You should try knitting! I love knitting! You will love it too!” Take a more subtle route; avoid exclamation points. In my view, it can never hurt to knit for the person. I...

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The Hero’s Journey, with Knitting


Dear Kay, You know how a knitting project has a narrative arc to it—all that Joseph Campbell hero’s journey stuff? “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.” Exactly! That’s us! Well, this Moroccan...

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How to Get Rid of Ladybugs, Etc.


Dear Kay, The ladybug invasion has arrived, and it is SO GROSS. One ladybug: make a wish! Two ladybugs: aw! A couple! Eighty ladybugs: the Walking Dead. Slow-moving zombie bugs, easy targets, SO GROSS. I know that ladybugs eat aphids, and that’s great, but there are no aphids inside my house. You climb in my windows? At your peril, ladybugs, at your peril. They particularly love son Clif’s bedroom. So warm and sunny, with an open...

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Noro Giveaway Continues While I Gently Weep


Dear Kay, Remember those nights when you were stuck in your dorm room writing a paper about 15th-century art while just outside your window—right there in front of your dorm—there’s this group of girls shrieking and singing and yelling stuff like “HEY Y’ALL LET’S GO SKINNY DIPPING”? Yeah. That’s me right now, soldiering away on my dank blue sweater while you’re all over there “WOO HOO NORO...

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Breaking That One Ironclad Rule of Knitting

IMG_1370 (1)

Dear Kay, There is one rule of knitting that I have followed without fail. I was taught this rule right when I was beginning my knitting mania, in 2002. There I was, in a yarn shop for the very first time, and the shop person was giving me a little tour. I reached immediately for a ball of Rowan in the shade I wear pretty much every day—black—and she practically whacked me on the wrist. “Don’t ever knit with black...

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Cumberbatch Spawns Knitting Project


Dear Kay, Benedict Cumberbatch has a demented legion of fans, and I like the guy. He’s a great Sherlock, and a fine codebreaker. I think. I confess I don’t remember much about The Imitation Game except Keira Knightley’s cardigan. I am quite possibly The Number-One Superfan of Keira Knightley’s Cardigan Featured in The Imitation Game. Deliciously dowdy. Only in a movie with the most intense brainiac nerds could a...

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