We cannot stop watching Louise’s movie of her completed coloring book.  |  A Coloring Book for Knitters, here.

Lazy Sunday: Are You Ready to Rumble?


Dear Ann, It is Sunday. In the Jewish world, we would say that this particular Sunday is Erev Bang Out A Sweater, or Bang Out a Sweater Eve. Are you ready? Is everybody ready?  Yarned up? Swatched up? Fired up? If you’re waiting for yarn (and I think you are, Ann, you plutoloopy freak), don’t worry about tomorrow being cast-on day for our Bang Out a Sweater knitalong. It’s a fast sweater–that’s the whole idea. You...

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Snippets, Swatches and Scratchiness


Dear Ann, First a couple of snippets. In Case You Missed It: Knitting Is Healthy Everybody I know is emailing me this blog post by Jane Brody for the New  York Times. For those of us who knit, it’s kind of obvious–knitting relieves stress–but I was tickled to learn that Jane Brody knits. A Hot Tip From Fringe Assocation Fringe Association’s Hot Tip series is like sitting next to a knitter who knows what she’s...

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Hurry Up and Wait: Bang Out a Sweater, Soon


Dear Kay, First, some great, breaking Bang Out a Sweater news: the Stopover pattern is being revised to include more sizes. Currently it has four sizes; now, it will include one smaller size and four larger sizes, up to 5X. The updated pattern will show up in Ravelry by Saturday. If you’ve already bought the pattern on Ravelry, you’ll get the updated pattern automatically. Meanwhile Clearing the decks before my Plötulopi not-yarn...

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Bang Out a Sweater Knitalong: A Quick Stopover


Dear Ann, I love a knitalong. A knitalong is an opportunity for a band of hardy souls to roll up their sleeves and dig into a pattern, parse it good and proper, and debate the details along the way, from cast-on to finishing.  A knitalong can result in refinements and even modifications to a pattern, as knitters work out their individual preferences for construction techniques and fit. Knitalongs can go on for weeks or even months of...

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Knitters Are Everywhere: An Archive Dive


Dear Ann: Yesterday afternoon, I took the subway downtown to have coffee with Ina and basically solve all the problems of knitting and the world in two lively, pleasant hours. Tribeca was overcast and chilly and had that exciting “snow is coming, maybe” feeling in the air. To get there, I took the 1 train, and got in a few rounds on a sleeve of the Ranger cardi I’m knitting. Next to me was a young woman, very beautiful, all...

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How to Stitch Stuff All Over Your Cardigan


Dear Kay, I am properly into it. I keep stitching on this sweater, and I’ve got more in me. The fabric this creates is quilty, still quite flexible, and makes me want to do more. It’s almost as much fun as a coloring book, but it’s keeping me in the category of knitting. However, there’s one thing about this sweater that does bother me. It doesn’t actually fit. Here’s the sweater before I started...

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