We cannot stop watching Louise’s movie of her completed coloring book.  |  A Coloring Book for Knitters, here.

Postcard from San Diego


Dear Kay, HELLO OVER THERE IN THE NEXT ROOM. San Diego is fantastically bright and sunshiney. It burns! It burns! My body is in shock from the vitamin D poisoning. The flight to San Diego for the National Needlearts Association trade show gave me ample opportunity to practice my cross-crafting skills. It was a four-hour stitchfest, featuring one old sweater and a lot of embroidery floss. The only rules I set up were 1) leave the ends loose so...

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Sparking Joy? Let’s Set This Thing on Fire with Joy


Dear Kay, KonMari can mess with you. You think you’re done. You think you’ve got the joy sparked, but once you’ve raised the question, it comes back sometimes, a haunting little question mark. Does this thing really spark joy? I dunno, I mean, I like it. It’s, um, a good thing I think. Consider this item, for example. This is the first sweater I made, back when when the boys were short and the days were long. It’s...

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Mama Needs a New Cowl: A Contest


Dear Ann, Yesterday I washed and blocked a new Honey Cowl (MadTosh Sport, 300 stitches, in a color called Whisker that really is reminiscent of a 5 o’clock shadow). (Do people still say “5 o’clock shadow” in this bearded age? Is it still a thing? As one gets older does this kind of  uncertainty plague one’s entire vocabulary?) Today I cast on another Honey Cowl (MadTosh DK, 260 stitches, in a steely pale blue...

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Walking the Walk, Olive Style


Dear Kay, This is Olive. She has started the new year by going Whole30, Kon Mari-ing her crate, and using a bullet journal to plan her naps. She also bought a year’s worth of spin classes, got some highlights and hired a wardrobe consultant. She has a Fitbit now, which brings me to the reason I mention Olive: she needs to get her steps up, so she may or may not be attending the Walk in the Park we are cooking up for Sunday, January...

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Hatty New Year!

2016 hats

Dear friends, From our heads to yours, we wish you a Hatty New Year! May your yarn be ample. May you knit in multiples. A couple of hat binges: Up top are four Shaynes and three-and-a-quarter hats. Ann’s could be called a Ventilated Conversationalist. It’s the Conversationalist hat from The Plucky Knitter. The lack of pompoms is starting to be a problem. The yarn is Malabrigo Rios, which has such saturated color. One...

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12 Rows of Truth

IMG_2373 (1)

Dear Kay, So many truths learned in the past few days. So many truths. To recap: Last week, I was at the crossroads of deciding whether to add a lace border to this moss-stitch cowl. Should I leave it simple and unbordered, or should I go for it? I decided to add the border. Twelve rows. How bad could twelve rows be? I can do anything for twelve rows. Truth: Trust your gut, even when your gut starts out telling you one thing and right in the...

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