Clip & Save: Tips on Knitting Cowls in the Round


Dear Ann: Let’s get this out of the way:  when I say “cowls in the round,” I mean only one cowl, my beloved Honey Cowl. I have lost count of how many Honey Cowls I have knit. There is always someone who wants one, or wants another one. They are the perfect combination of style and practicality in the handknit accessory category. There is nothing very challenging about knitting a Honey Cowl–it’s a 2-row pattern and...

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A Delicious New Project, and An Apology


Dear Kay, Two things on my mind today. The cheerful part first. A New Project: Thrilling The phrase palate cleanser comes to mind, now that Eight Yarns, One Sweater is in the rear-view mirror. I have a deep craving for One Yarn, One Sweater, No Seams, and I think I’ve uncovered a winner. Moroccan Nights. By La Maison Rililie. So much to love here. Top-down construction—no seams. All sorts of wacky texture stitches and cables in there....

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Eight Yarns, One Sweater: Abandon Ship?


Dear Kay, Back in November, I was knee deep in the Eight Yarns, One Sweater project, taking on water and bailing hard. I’d like to say that I’ve never had a knitting project sink me. But like many poorly conceived journeys, this one was a Poseidon Adventure. Come, take a deep breath with me, and we’ll dive deep into what happened with Eight Yarns, One Sweater. No, these are not all the same weight. Yes, that’s...

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Boxy But Good


Dear Ann, I may be neglecting a number of things these days, but I am certainly not neglecting to knit. I am now the proud owner and frequent wearer of yet another oversized dolman pullover. Remember Relax? I like Relax so much (as I’ve said, and said…) that I wanted a second sweater with this shape. But I didn’t want to re-knit the exact same sweater–I have nothing against multiples (you may guffaw/snort here), but...

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Free Recipe: Birthday Cocktail Cake


Dear Kay, With Thanksgiving upon us, I’d like to offer up a holiday recipe that we’ve been discussing over on the Instagram. You may say: “No photo; didn’t happen.” Well, I’ve got the pix to prove it. Birthday Cocktail Cake, from Monteagle Sunday School Assembly Porch Party Recipes, out of print and out of this WORLD! (Free Bonus: Beer Cheese recipe which actually sounds damn fine.) A couple of summers ago,...

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Eight Yarns, One Sweater: Ecru Swamp


Dear Kay, The pile of yarn doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller. I knit and knit and knit, yet the ecru yarn persists. It’s . . . spawning. There must be five miles of ecru yarn here. It does not help that I am being offered skeins of ecru yarn. Kay, you may NOT offload your ecru yarn in my direction, for any purpose. I am not going to accept it! If I get out of this thing alive, it will be because I told the UPS guy to return...

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