Many, many antique socks. They look so . . . antique.

A Really Lazy Sunday


Dear Ann: I’m plumb wore out from all my exertions in aid of Passover.  I like to think that on their way home, my guests exclaimed, “Gosh, she makes it look so easy!” But in truth, I probably make it look hard. I tend to get a little sweaty and out of breath by the time people start to arrive. Briskets don’t braise themselves, you know. Here I am, in the thick of it on Friday afternoon. My thoughts at that moment:...

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In a Big, Big Groove on This Thing


Dear Kay, I’m relieved to report that I am on my way. I’ve made it through the first 44-row repeat of this Jade Starmore Glenesk pullover, aka My Constant Companion. All I can say is that I look forward to a conference call with uncommon enthusiasm these days. Keep talking, everybody! I’m busting on this thing. My chart has now arrived at its optimum level of usefulness. It’s like a coloring book for knitters. The...

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Dear Ann: Here’s a great new product I’m pleased to tell you about: the Insta-Knit Summer TopTM. You get an Insta-Knit SummerTopTM when you are going through your assorted bags and bundles of knitting-related items, and come across a top that you carried around with you last summer on vacation, and you finished the front and the back, and you sewed up one of the side seams, and then you stopped and forgot all about it because a...

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Dear Ann, I seldom have any downtime on my needles. There is always a project that has got me like whoa (as the kids say). But at the moment, the project that has got me is my Damask Flower/Big Flower Jacket, and I don’t have the French Mustard 363, so for the past week I’ve been filling the empty knitting hours with a combination of Duty Knitting and KonMari knitting. “Duty Knitting” sounds like something not fun. But in...

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Lazy Sunday: Little Movies on Makers


Dear Kay, Is it art, craft, commerce, survival? I can’t tell where one begins and the other ends, but these four short movies have me thinking hard. Pointe shoes. What I love about this is that there are two craftspeople at work on each pair of a ballet dancer’s pointe shoes: the shoemaker in London, and the dancer in New York who remakes each shoe for the perfect fit. It’s an astonishing amount of handwork for a pair of...

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Deep Dive: Meet Kaffe


Dear Ann: Waiting on French Mustard 363 has given me time to reminisce, to think deep thoughts, and to contemplate how to modify perfection. Reminiscences I can’t believe how long it’s been since the evening I heard Kaffe Fassett speak at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and got to meet him briefly. The pictures are awful, but the memory is clear. I took so much of what he said to heart. Especially the part about the color...

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