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My Feet Are Hurting


Dear Ann, I’m kind of excited about the Chartreuse group on Ravelry. I had no idea that there were Ravelry groups for devotees of single colors. I’ve also joined the 2922 proud members of Grey Rules. Sounds like a fun group. According to Wikipedia, there are two types of Chartreuse, the herbal liqueur: green and yellow. Which explains why chartreuse, the color, sometimes looks green and sometimes looks yellow. I find this very...

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I Have Joined the Chartreuse Group


Dear Kay, A nugget emerged from the comments to my post about my mom’s sweaters. Valerie writes: “My own mother knit herself moss stitch suits on size two needles. They were beautiful and so suited to wearing with white gloves. One was chartreuse, and I have gone on to host the Chartreuse group on Ravelry. Now she is 95 and can no longer walk or knit. When it cools off some I will crochet her some mitts per her request as her hands...

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8 Lessons My Mom’s Sweaters Taught Me


Dear Kay, Wishywashy Washalong comes to a thrilling conclusion today. It’s ancestral sweater time! Mom’s sweaters are talking to me. The handwashing goal this week: three cream-colored sweaters. Two were made by my my beloved mom who departed this earth back in 1984 for the land of eternal sewing, knitting, and DIY asphalt driveway repair. She was not a daily knitter, but she was a quick study at everything except cooking. She...

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The Riftoning of Metronome


Dear Ann, I write you from deepest Ohio.  I am here to deposit a child for higher educational purposes. On the drive out yesterday, I had ice cream twice, so I will confess to being a little hung over today. (A DQ dip on the road, and later, a scoop of fresh peach in Cleveland. That’s a quarterly allotment of ice cream for me, as the only kinds I really like are DQ and fresh peach, neither of which are readily available to me on the reg.)...

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Wet Wednesday: Metronome and Baton Rouge


Dear Ann, Although the sewing and the woading and the flea marketing kept me busy on my travels, I also kept knitting. I was working on another Metronome, the pattern so nice I knit it twice. I felt a little guilty for casting on Metronome Numéro Deux when my first one was lying there with its ends unwoven and its fabric unblocked. Sad! My punishment was that I could really have used a nice cotton-y wrap on my trip, but it had stayed home. This...

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Gizmo of the Week: Lilly Brush


Dear Kay, Over the years, you’ve sent me quite a bit of random stuff with no explanation. Vera dishtowels, hanks of yarn, toile pillows. I take it all with gratitude and sometimes mystification. An item you sent a couple of years ago has turned out to be wildly useful: The Lilly Save Our Sweaters Brush. Rolling toward the conclusion of my six-sweater Washathon Washalong, this Lilly Brush is front and center. Two of my washalong...

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