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Plastic Surgery Tips for Your Saggy Cardigan

altered skeins featured

Dear Kay, I bought floss. A great whackin’ pile of minty-fresh embroidery floss. Twenty-five cents for the lot of it. At a yard sale where some lady never really got beyond the floss-buying stage of the cross stitch hobby. I don’t judge; I shudder to think what will happen at my great post-departure yard sale. Maybe somebody will come along and scoop up my sixty-two pristine Alabama Chanin kits and my Singer Style-Mate...

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(Even) More on Evenly Spacing Button Bands


Dear Ann, I am positively minty-blue with envy of your 1967 Singer Style-Mate 348. Please please please keep an eye out for another one. As the owner of not one, but two Perfectly Good plastic Janome machines (the Hello Kitty and the Jem Gold 660), I feel it might be time to step up to something a little more legendary. For one thing, neither of my machines smells of oil. They both sew a straight stitch, but they do not exactly inspire anyone to...

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Maiden Voyage: 1967 Singer Style-Mate


Dear Kay, Well, I had to see if this 1967 Singer Style-Mate 348 would actually work. Turning the ON knob while sitting on the floor of a back bedroom at an estate sale is not exactly a real test of whether this sewing machine would actually connect two pieces of fabric faster than I could with a needle and thread. In 1967, diagrams didn’t really need to be all that clear. A woman just knew how to thread a damn sewing machine the way a man...

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Lazy Sunday: Creative Entrepreneurs Open Up


Dear Kay, Today let’s listen to stories from two smart women who make me realize how valuable it is when women let the truth fly. The two audio links below feature two of the more intensely creative people I know: Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin and Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co. Each has built a company out of a deep need to create. In these pieces, you will hear how their choices came after a long time in other demanding...

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About Schmirthdays


Dear Ann, On this lovely spring Saturday, I’m in Omaha for an impromptu all-sibling rally to celebrate our dad’s 80th. The fact that my perpetually boyish pops is 80 (four score! 4/5 of a century!) is surreal, as is the notion that we wisps of children are well into middle age. Age and maturity are separate tracks, apparently. We’re having lots of laughs, and tacos, and wandering the landscape of malls, bars and highways that...

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Icelandic Spring Cardigan

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.47.02 PM

Dear Ann, Well, Ina got me (again). She emailed last night with a link to a new pattern by Beatrice Perron Dahlen: (Photo copyright © Tolt Yarn and Wool.) Blaer, a  cardigan in a feather-light Icelandic wool, Einband by Ístex. Blaer is knit top-down, but the yoke construction will be familiar to anyone who has knit a lopapeysa. (Hello, all you Stopover finishers! This might be your next sweater.) (Photo copyright © Tolt Yarn and Wool.) The...

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