A one-minute audio linguistics lesson: how New Orleanians pronounce “Chartres.”

One-Sock Knitalong: Wise Words


Dear Kay, As for the One-Sock Knitalong, all I can say is WHOA. The quantity and quality of unfinished socks bubbling up from the La Brea Tar Pit of Languishing Handknits is frankly astonishing. OK, maybe I suspected that we’d have some well-aged Prime socks in the mix. But these are Carter-era socks, socks used to hide whisky barrels during Prohibition, socks that came over on the Mayflower. You can see the tender reunions,...

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Reframing Intarsia (and Footie Socks)


Dear Ann, I feel like it’s time for an update on my Kaffe Fassett Big Flower Jacket, but you’ve gone and got me all het up about the One-Sock Knitalong.  I am strictly an Option Three participant. I knitted one pair of socks, baby sized, at a Cat Bordhi workshop we attended together somewhere back in the mists of time. I did start a pair of red men’s socks, that time when we were trying to persuade Stephen Colbert to do...

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Snippets: 42,799 Sock Patterns to Consider


Dear Kay, In anticipation of the One-Sock Knitalong that begins on Monday, May 16, I’m thinking about sock patterns. As I write, there are 42,799 patterns in the Ravelry pattern database for the category Accessories/All Feet/Legs. In a historic first in the knitting universe, I will here rank all 42,799 patterns in order, from my least favorite to most. #42,799 through #42,510: Barefoot Sandals. C’mon, this is the worst of both...

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You Say Tomato, I Say Shawl


Dear Ann, I guess we are both in need of a palate cleanser. As much as I love knitting on my Big Flower Jacket, I’ve learned that working on it in less-than-optimal conditions of either lighting or consciousness means failure and frustration. I’ve got my Tokyo Shawl, of course, currently hovering between one-third and halfway along, but what with all that counting to 20 and 48, it doesn’t meet my exactingly literal standards...

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Announcing: A One-Sock Knitalong


Dear Kay, It’s time for a knitalong. Start thinking about socks. Details below, but first, I need to show you my rocket socks in all their peculiar glory. Having been on a sock hiatus for some time, I was knocked out by how much fun I had making these socks. At the gusset-making portion of the show, I watched the stripes turn into pools or flashes or whatever. It was a combination of fascination, horror, then tender acceptance as I...

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Proof of Progress, Fair Isle Mania


Dear Kay, A quick report on Glenesk, the Jade Starmore Fair Isle pullover that is the closest thing to crack I’ve discovered since Trader Joe’s invented the clear plastic tub of chocolate-covered things. This is two repeats of the pattern. Finishing a 44-row repeat has an epic feel to it. Also: what does that stitch marker down at the hem tell me? Nothing. I have no idea why I put that thing there! I’m sorry you can’t...

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