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Snippets: A Brilliant Deep Dive

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Dear Kay, Old Shale! The stitch pattern you know and love? You think you know it—but a group of knitters digs deep and shows us that Old Shale can be all sorts of things. This is really, really great. Members of the Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild came up with the idea to knit samples of 40 versions of Old Shale to explore this lovely, old lace stitch. It’s all documented with photos, charts, and directions. I love the way a group of...

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Dog Gone Sweater


Dear Ann: I know I said I was going to knit a summer top after I finished my Fort Tryon Wrap, but then I was looking for a book under my nightstand. I came across my copy of Woolly Woofers, by Debbie Bliss. I will give it to you straight, Ann: all bets are off. At least they are off for as long as it will take me to knit a Give-A-Dog-A-Bone Coat for a much-missed terrier, size small. Isn’t it the cutest? I didn’t read the pattern...

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Speckled Yarn Perfection

annisa featured

Dear Kay, Oh, this is excellent. Ambah O’Brien‘s Annisa wrap has got me in a bad way—three yarns, a lot of easy knitting, and that great double decrease running right across the whole thing, just enough to bend the stripes and be sort of thrilling in that low-stakes way that knitting often is. The gray and the pale blue yarns are both by Kelsey Stephens of Primrose Yarn Co., Helix 2-ply Fingering. It was great to meet her at...

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The Thrill of Victory: Fort Tryon Wrap


Dear Ann: On my trip to Vermont and back on Sunday, I did indeed finish my Fort Tryon Wrap, as predicted. I never even touched my bag o’ needlepoint, though. On the last miles of our drive home, I was binding off Fort Tryon, then weaving in the ends. I had full-blown Finishing Fever. There was exactly one end still a-dangling when I was dropped at our front door. Within an hour, after the world’s quickest one-skillet dinner and...

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3 Admirable Scarves to Knit

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Dear Kay, Sometimes I forget that I have a virtual library of patterns I’ve bought yet never knit. I just realized I have a lot of cool patterns already teed up. You know that wide-open-horizon feeling? I’m sitting here with a batch of random yarns I brought with me up to the country. So fun to sit with a bunch of yarn of varying weights, colors, and fibers and figure out what works with which pattern. Contender No. 1: Almost...

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Lazy Sunday: Two-Time Your Knitting


Dear Ann: Today we rose at dawn (summer dawn!) to get on the road to Vermont, where young Joseph has a three-week thingy to attend. I will have ample driving help. All I need is knitting: 6-8 hours of sweet, sweet car knitting. The trouble is, my Fort Tryon Wrap is coming up the backstretch; it will soon round the pole and reach the finish line. (Come to think of it, the Fort Tryon Wrap is shaped exactly like a race track, at least before...

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