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Icelandic Spring Cardigan

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Dear Ann, Well, Ina got me (again). She emailed last night with a link to a new pattern by Beatrice Perron Dahlen: (Photo copyright © Tolt Yarn and Wool.) Blaer, a  cardigan in a feather-light Icelandic wool, Einband by Ístex. Blaer is knit top-down, but the yoke construction will be familiar to anyone who has knit a lopapeysa. (Hello, all you Stopover finishers! This might be your next sweater.) (Photo copyright © Tolt Yarn and Wool.) The...

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One Step Forward Two Steps Back


Dear Ann, May I step into the confessional? My Ranger cardigan has not been behaving. Operator error seems to be the cause. Last weekend’s plan was to join up sleeves and body and git ‘r’ done. That didn’t happen. When I took a good look at Sleeve Number 1, I remembered (and verified) that the gauge had been too small by a quarter stitch per inch (yes, even after blocking), and that in response, I had changed up the...

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Déja Tubes


Dear Ann, As proof that the Bang Out a Sweater knitalong is not over, because knitters are still finishing them, I present my own freshly blocked Stopover: (I know this photo is gloomy. I’ve been trying to take a picture of this thing all week. In late February, a person who lives in a north-facing apartment can get kind of desperate for daylight.) Notice anything about the yoke patterning? I know I once said I was going to skip the...

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Bang Out a Sweater: The Circle of Life


Dear Ann: It has been three weeks since we waved an imaginary green flag to mark the official cast-on of Stopover sweaters for our Bang Out a Sweater Knitalong. Sweaters have been cast-on by the score, tubes joined up into sleeves and body, yokes knit on, and necks bound off.  Hardy souls among us have steeked their Stopovers into cardigans. Many Stopovers have been finished, and many remain to be finished.  That’s OK. Knitting is...

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Your Seth Godin Daily Affirmation


Dear Kay, Everybody seems to be cranking their Stopovers without much drama. So what is wrong with me? I spent more time working the first six rows of a sleeve than it took to knit the rest of the $*%&# sleeve. It was a good thing I was listening to Krista Tippett’s conversation with Seth Godin, because all his calm talk about noticing was the only thing keeping me from setting fire to this sleeve and altering course toward a...

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Lazy Valentine’s Day


Dear Ann, Tampons and gum for everybody! I hope you had a lovely Galentine’s Day yesterday. I celebrated by taking a spin class, eating a Larabar, and being inspired by myself. This beauty is not my Stopover. It belongs to Cris Bjork from western Iowa.  Cris made her Stopover using your favorite unyarn, plutoloopy. Cris reports she has been knitting plotulopi for 30-some years, and “it never ceases to amaze.” You people...

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