Clip & Save: How to Be a Vigilant Knitter


Dear Kay, This post is written by a knitter who loses count, who forgets where she is in the pattern, who can’t recall what size needle was used for the lump of knitting in the Knitopia tote bag in the bottom of her closet. I write this from a place of great humility. It’s a simple question, really: how do you keep from pfaffing up your knitting? I have a few tried-and-true tips to share, but maybe I’m fishing for everybody...

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Clip & Save: 5 Ways to Fix a Ton of Loose Ends


Dear Kay, Peaks and valleys. Sunshine and shadow. On the road trip that is a colorwork project, one of the moments that pegs the meter on emotion is the moment you face a drift of loose ends. Today, I share five ways to get on with this. One way even involves another craft project. Method Number 1: Weaving Old school. Maybe you’ve already begun a project, and you’ve been doing the simple act of dropping one color and adding...

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Clip & Save: How to Evenly Space Buttons


Dear Ann, One of life’s perplexing questions is how to do a good job when a cardigan pattern instructs you to “evenly space” the buttons on a button band. Patterns tell you to do it, but they don’t tell you HOW to do it. (Elliott is perplexed, not by button spacing, but by the delicate aroma of terrier on Big Lady’s handknit.) I’ve developed a way of doing it. I’m not saying it’s the best way,...

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The Fog of Wool

Dear Ann, It’s Wednesday and I’ve just finished hooking a small rug and I’m still floating on the fumes of my Saturday at Rhinebeck, aka the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, aka my annual renewal of my vows to knitting. I know that, for people who don’t (a) live in the Northeast and/or (b) organize their personal, family and religious calendars around knitting, Rhinebeck is a kind of Emerald City that they read about...

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Finished Object Friday: Birch Leaf Shawl


Dear Kay, Finished Object Friday. As if I have a finished object every Friday . . . I found this 95 percent complete shawl in a bag in the back of my closet, the source of so much mystery. It’s Susan Gutperl’s Birch Leaf Shawl, which is a frankly easier version of Sharon Miller’s all-time greatest thing ever, the timeless Rowan pattern, Birch. The yarn is Manos Lace, a baby alpaca/silk/cashmere blend that makes you glad...

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Traveling Light


Dear Kay, Finished. It’s a blanket now. The I-cord edging took two sessions of Masters tournament coverage. I was so hypnotized that I think I fell asleep at one point while simultaneously cranking attached I-cord. Always remember to do three rows of UNattached I-cord as you turn the corners. I always think of you when I do this. It’s so clever: you’re attaching and attaching, then for a minute you don’t. One...

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