Best news all day: Clif’s friend is out of ICU, so much better. Love to you all for such kind thoughts.

Clip & Save: 3 Tricks for Tidy Socks


Dear Kay, This is it: the sum total of my personal tips for tidier socks. I’m top-down, two-circs devotee, so if you’re a toe-upper, just ignore all this and go watch Maria Bamford’s new Netflix series, Lady Dynamite. Tip #1: At the Cuff Cast on an extra stitch. Pattern calls for 64 stitches? Cast on 65. When you join the stitches to begin knitting in the round, pass the last stitch you cast on over the first stitch. It evens...

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Checklist: How to Soak a Handknit in Your Own Backyard


Dear Kay, Whenever you’re in the backyard on a spring day with a handknit just completed and in need of a good soak, there are a few things to remember in order to slam dunk the handknit-soaking process. Weather. Sunny day makes it more pleasant. After being indoors for four months straight, it is shocking to discover that an entire new season has shown up. What is with all these buds and shoots? Those fetching small birds dangling...

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Clip & Save: How to Un-Knit Your Knitting


Dear Kay, Still not over that disastrous knitting with the curled-up edging and the ripping out of perfectly good knitting. Still crabby. As usual, readers of this publication are not crabby. It’s not flattery; it’s just a fact. In the interest of memorializing a batch of Solid Gold News You Can UseTM, I present here: Readers Answer Tammy’s Question about Ripping Back In the comments to the curled-up edging problem, Tammy...

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Let It Roll


Dear Kay, What is this problem with facing into hard realities? Why, oh, why do I persist in thinking something’s going to be just FINE when it’s NOT FINE? I’m speaking of knitting here, OK. Let’s just talk about the knitting aspect of those questions. This little shawl neck napkin thingie was such an easy, sweet ride that I wanted to milk every last inch of this Manos del Uruguay Alegria, shade Maiz. I just knitted and...

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Bang Out a Sweater: The Kitchener Defense


Dear Kay, Rounding the corner on my Stopover. The finish line awaits, with the following obstacles in my way. Colorwork yoke. Ready, willing, able. Short rows. The mighty power of the Bang Out a Sweater forum lifts me up with confidence that I can in fact add two or three short rows so that the neckline will sit well. Sewing up the holes under the arms. Cannot wait to kitchener those stitches, and here’s why. It is a grand total...

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Simple Stuff, So Addicting

hortensia feature

Dear Kay, Big big big news! I just took a piece of lace off the blocking board. I know. Huge. Such a before and after. Such a payoff. It never fails to be one of my favorite moments in knitting. You knit along, for days or weeks or months, with lumpy progress in front of you: It’s never going to work. You cannot spread it across your knee often enough to persuade yourself that this gnarled mess is going to result in anything good. Or...

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