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The Doctor is In

The Doctor is In - 1

Dear Ann, A 9 a.m. thunderstorm–very dramatic. Can you believe how many knitters there are in my new hood? We definitely have to get a Way Upper West Side SnB together this September! Today I’d like to be moderately helpful for a change. Here are some questions and diagnoses: Dr. Ninepatch Dr. Ninepatch may be stripped of her epaulets if she’s not more careful with her prescription pad. Elizabeth made a sa-WEET Ninepatch...

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Over the Cliff We Go! Wheeeeeee!

Over the Cliff We Go! Wheeeeeee! - 1

Dear Kay, And a very happy Mother’s Day to you and to everybody who has a mother, is a mother, or knows a mother. Hey look! Here, in all its imperfect glory, is my new sock puppet: I have discovered another use for it when it’s not talking to me: Things I Have Learned Along the Way While Knitting Sock the First: 1. Using two circular needles is a very fine way to make a sock. It’s like my friend who had twins and said it...

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No-Sew Mitered Square Blanket: An Epic Tutorial

No-Sew Mitered Square Blanket:  An Epic Tutorial - 1

Dear Ann, This is the story of a hardheaded woman and her dream of making a mitered-square blanket without sewing a stitch. It is not a short story. But it has plenty of pictures. Feel free to take a break any time you need to. Old-School Mitered Square Blanket Let’s review: A regular mitered square blanket is composed of blocks of 4 miters that are sewn together like this: It’s not that hard to sew up 4 miters into a block, but...

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Mason-Dixon Rubber Stamping

Mason-Dixon Rubber Stamping - 1

Dear Ann, I thought I’d put the fear of rubber stamps into you, and show you what could happen if you continue your lackadaisical blogging-from-the-mountain-whenever-you-feel-like-it-like-a-freakin’-oracle approach. If you leave me to my own devices, know this: the needle-felting? That was just a start. I have other crafts yet to explore. And just so we’re clear, know this: at the Other Crafts? I am Not So Good. Today,...

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Mattress Seam Delirium

Mattress Seam Delirium - 1

Dear Ann, So, let’s say you want to knit something the size of a queen bed, or perhaps big enough to cover your dining room table (with all the leaves in). Something chockfull of bits and pieces. Something like this: And let’s say you book a comfy room at a nice hotel on Project Fantasy Island (this brilliant bon mot courtesy of today’s serving of CurlsandPurlsNYC). You stay there, dementedly knitting away and ordering from...

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