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Blocking Day

Blocking Day - 1

Dear Ann, I am blogging right now because it seemed like a bad idea, even to me, to stand in front of the little foreign washing machine for 39 minutes. That is not going to get me anywhere. (Back with you in a minute–just going to check. –OK, 28 minutes left.) Today is Blocking Day! Here we see a corner, resplendent in applied i-cord. (No staples, duct tape, or cream cheese was used in the production of this blanket.) Here we...

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The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part - 1

Dear Kay, Pins and needles over here, just pins and needles while I’m waiting for the Diminishing Rib Cardigan to finish drying. Will the mighty redemptive power of blocking redeem this foldy curly neckline? Remember, this is what it looked like before I soaked, pinned, and quietly begged the neckline to behave: I think this neckline thing is going to work out OK, now that I’ve enlisted the 18-pound Portable Blocker. Please note...

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Always (Always always always) Wash It

Always (Always always always) Wash It - 1

Dear Ann, So, wa-la! Here is my Lacy Scarf, made from a kit I got as a gift for subscribing to Rowan International for another fabby year of fantastically over-the-top exquisite knitting from the Yorkshire dales or moors or whatever you call their moody, suitable-for-sparkly-vampires landscape. All that has been done to this FO is a simple soak in a tepid bath with a little fancy shampoo, followed by squeezing of excess water and an...

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Game, Set, Match

Game, Set, Match - 1

Dear Kay, A quick hello and Rowena update. But first of all: Roger Federer . . . watch this: My blågrå Rowena cardigan is heading into the thrilling Finishing phase. I bound off the last sleeve late last night, delirious, wondering what I had just done. Let’s just say that the US Open makes for prime knitting. Except for when you throw your needles in the air in abject delight. I took The Big Piece of the sweater off the blocking board,...

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Sabotage!!!!!!! - 1

Dear Kay, At this point, my Rowan Pearl sweater is done and undone. I am slogging through the sleeves, which are nothing but an endless series of leaning cables–a real pair of soul suckers if anybody’s looking for a Lenten discipline. In the interest of Doing Something Else To Cut The Tedium, I decided to get ahead of the game with a stout, boot-camp style blocking of the fronts and backs. You know: a multi-day marathon to get these...

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What Goes On In Our Basement

What Goes On In Our Basement - 1

Dear Kay, Get a load of this: country financial twangster Merle Hazard, featured in yesterday’s entry, has done gone hit the dang big time. That New York Times has discoverated him, honey! See? You can say you knew him back when. Meanwhile, Elsewhere in Our Basement While SOMEbody was recording country songs over in the superdank portion of our basement, I was patiently standing over in the slightly-less-dank portion, at the ping pong...

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