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This ‘N That

This 'N That - 1

Dear Ann, I know it’s in the Mason-Dixon Stylebook that we can’t title a post ‘This ‘N That’, but I don’t recall getting a vote on any of these stylebook rules of yours. I think ‘This ‘N That’ is an awesome title for a post. Life has been real this ‘n thatty for me lately. Much chasing of the tail, much public transportation, much sitting around and waiting. I had a dark night of...

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A Dingo Ate My Blogwork

A Dingo Ate My Blogwork - 1

Dear Ann, I emerge from the wreckage of window replacement to renew our correspondence. Last week SOMEBODY in this household thought it would be a sensible idea to replace 4 circa 1929 steel casement windows with State of The Art Vinyl Windows That Will Change Your Life For the Better. I hate to do violence to anything that has survived 75 years, even if it is a nondescript steel casement window that has been painted and repainted and never...

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FO Pas

FO Pas - 1

Dear Ann, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s been a real FO Show around here lately. Finishing things up, which doesn’t stop me from starting things up. Today’s FO is a top-down baby raglan cardi. I was knitting it in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. Hold On: Moment of Zen As you will recall, I was knitting this cardi on the road between KC and Omaha, when I was riding with brother Van in his car,...

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Passionate Bleaching

Passionate Bleaching - 1

Dear Ann, Running out of time on my way out the door to London. Mustn’t waste time with gibblegabble. Must convey the essence of my weekend of bleaching denim. (Doesn’t everybody bleach up a batch of denim yarn when they’re spozed to be packing for two weeks away from home?) Pictures say it all, but I will say some of it anyway. Gibblegabble is my destiny. HOW TO BLEACH DENIM YARN IN YOUR KITCHEN SINK, BY KAY...

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Live From Denim Central

Live From Denim Central - 1

Dear Everybody, This morning, Ann is indisposed. She has been called away on an Urgent Matter involving Gingerbread Houses and something called the ‘pre-first’ grade. She expects to be up to her elbows in royal icing for the better part of the day. I would venture to say that although surely ‘pre-first’ graders are much more mature than kindergarteners, there may be airborne gumdrops. The vocabulary word for the day...

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My World Is Blue

My World Is Blue - 1

Dear Ann, Belinda and Neil are winging their way back across the Atlantic this morning. Since I didn’t take a single picture of them, I will show you a picture of this most excellent bit of loot they brought: This is the front and back of a gigantic 1980s-era pullover in Rowan denim. Belinda got it out of her friend Jo’s garage where it was under constant threat of mice. Jo made it herself but stopped wearing it because, being...

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