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Can I Boro Your Jeans?

Can I Boro  Your Jeans? - 1

Dear Ann, Ever since your fan-pfaffing-tastic post featuring boro textiles, it’s been all boro, all the time around here. Anything that is getting a little scruffy, I feel like I ought to put a patch on. Trouble is, it’s a quick slide back to my personal 1970s, with ‘patchwork’ print fabric (polyester double-knit being the medium of choice), hippy embroidery on dirty jeans (“Um, Kay, the blue eyeshadow and...

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Dress Your Family in Denim and Denim

Dress Your Family in Denim and Denim - 1

Dear Ann, I trust you are suffering from separation anxiety, now that we are no longer locked in a room together with your seizure-prone cat and a mess of paper that wants to be a book when it grows up. I miss you hon. But I confess that I really really miss the Bread & Company cafe on Page Road. Iced Fruit Tea so sweet it makes your teeth curl! Chicken Salad frapped into the texture of fois gras! A Southern mastery of the Arts of...

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Denim Report

Denim Report - 1

Dear Ann, It’s hard keeping up with the Denim News these days. In knitting (and all areas of life), I go in fits and starts. Felting frenzy has (finally) passed for the season, and I have moved on to full-blown denimania. The denim knitting is so hot and heavy that stuff gets started and finished before I even have time to Document For Posterity. I didn’t show you one of the things on my sew-up pile a couple weeks ago, because I...

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We Interrupt This Program

We Interrupt This Program - 1

Dear Ann, I know y’all are in a serious lather about the State Fairs, their rules and regulations and our diplomatic ties with Denmark, but can I get a word in on my favorite topic? Yes, it’s another info-mercial about…..Indigo-Dyed Denim Yarn, which I refer to as Rowan Denim even though, whenever possible, I buy it cheaper, elsewhere, or elsewhere. No, they don’t pay me. I willingly preach the good news of indigo-dyed...

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Am I Blue

Am I Blue - 1

Dear Ann, Of course I’m blue–didja hear about the Yankees? But, being a resilient person when it comes to sports, what’s been getting me down is Soccer Pullover. The KayCam reads the soccer ball motif as white, but trust me–it’s a lovely shade of baby blue. Which would be fine if soccer balls were baby blue, but they’re not. And what are we trying to achieve, in intarsia, if not accuracy and...

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Late-Breaking Blueness!

Late-Breaking Blueness! - 1

Dear Ann, Twenty minutes into the Hot Wash cycle, this was on my kitchen floor. Waddaya think–possible problem? I have a childlike faith that the Soccer Ball motif is not going to turn blue. The white strips in my Bricklayer denim blanket were similarly overwhelmed by the inky blueness of the darkest denim shade, and yet they did not turn blue. But this does make me a little nervous. Hubby was aghast that while he was running for paper...

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