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Let It Roll


Dear Kay, What is this problem with facing into hard realities? Why, oh, why do I persist in thinking something’s going to be just FINE when it’s NOT FINE? I’m speaking of knitting here, OK. Let’s just talk about the knitting aspect of those questions. This little shawl neck napkin thingie was such an easy, sweet ride that I wanted to milk every last inch of this Manos del Uruguay Alegria, shade Maiz. I just knitted and...

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Bang Out a Sweater: The Kitchener Defense


Dear Kay, Rounding the corner on my Stopover. The finish line awaits, with the following obstacles in my way. Colorwork yoke. Ready, willing, able. Short rows. The mighty power of the Bang Out a Sweater forum lifts me up with confidence that I can in fact add two or three short rows so that the neckline will sit well. Sewing up the holes under the arms. Cannot wait to kitchener those stitches, and here’s why. It is a grand total...

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Bang Out a Sweater: Armpit Edition


Dear Ann, Here I am with a how-to for those who are entering the home stretch of their Stopover pullover in our Bang Out a Sweater knitalong. Here’s the situation: you’ve successfully navigated the Three Tube Situation. You’ve knit the yoke, ribbed the ribbing or rolled the roll at the neck, and bound off. It’s time to weave in ends, block and wear your sweater, right? Nope. There’s still one little job you have to...

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Clip & Save (Literally): How to Set In a Sleeve


Dear Ann, Before I presume to tell anybody how to set in a sleeve, a disclaimer: I don’t really know how to set in a sleeve. It’s one of those things that when I have to do it, I say to myself, what the hell, here goes nothing.  I try to remember things I’ve been told about setting in sleeves. And I do the best I can, and generally feel OK about it after it’s over. After all, I have a sweater! It has sleeves! The first...

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Clip & Save: 5 Ways to Fix a Ton of Loose Ends


Dear Kay, Peaks and valleys. Sunshine and shadow. On the road trip that is a colorwork project, one of the moments that pegs the meter on emotion is the moment you face a drift of loose ends. Today, I share five ways to get on with this. One way even involves another craft project. Method Number 1: Weaving Old school. Maybe you’ve already begun a project, and you’ve been doing the simple act of dropping one color and adding...

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February Is Shake Your Bon-Bon Month


Dear Kay, January’s Get Rid of 50 Things a Day project was basically a success, in the sense that I feel better about 1,500 things not being inside my house anymore. It was not perfect, by any means–I never did go into the basement. I may never go into the basement. And the toy closet was a shattering reckoning I hope never to repeat. But I did discover that I have pretty much a lifetime supply of books I haven’t read. If we...

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