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Tale of Two Kiris

Tale of Two Kiris - 1

Dear Ann, I wasn’t going to blog about this because it’s kind of weird, but maybe that’s why I should blog about it. Here goes: I appear to have knit two Kiris. Well, almost two. Kiri The First I made it to the 10th repeat (of 12) (they get longer with each repeat, did I mention that?). I was almost home. But bad knitting karma was just sucking the joy out of it for me. I kept making Mistakes of Inattention and Mistakes...

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Fluffernutter* - 1

Dear Ann, I just can’t let well enough alone. In my last post, I set everything up perfectly. I hoped and expected that the voters would be kind, and that I would be knitting up Kiri in absorbent, summer-friendly Euroflax Linen. The people spoke, and they spoke overwhelmingly in favor of the Easy Way Out (although there was a strong and vocal minority pointing out that the Easy Way Out was not very character-building, that I am a wimp...

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Let’s play LIFELINE!

Let's play LIFELINE! - 1

Dear Kay, When last we corresponded, I had determined that my guinea-pig-sized skein of Blue Heron cotton was to meet its destiny as a lace shawl, specifically Kiri, a 100% Free Pattern (yay!) designed by All Tangled Up Polly. Remember when I screwed up my swatch for the Kiri shawl and we played NAME THAT STITCH MANEUVER? Remember the many excellent names that were suggested? You know: Oops. Oh s**t ! double-fandangled whoopsiedoodle the Tangled...

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A Final Word on Birch

Dear Kay, When I finish a project, I like to make a 3 x 5 card with the top ten things I learned while making it. OK so I don’t make a 3 x 5 card, and I don’t actually sit around and try to improve myself. But it does seem that enough folks are trying Birch that I really ought to, in the Red Tent Sisterhood of Knitters sort of way, share. Most of these things were shared with me by knitters who actually know what they’re doing...

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I Have Finished Something

I Have Finished Something - 1

Dear Kay, It’s kind of cosmic, really. If you keep decreasing and decreasing, you can actually make a project disappear. Vanish, just like that! I finished Birch last night and had that dog-catches-car moment: now what? This morning, after tenderly packing the darlings off to their hi-kwalidy preschool and second grade, I got down to brass tacks. Or pins, or whatever. We have discussed my love of blocking, the hypnotic flow state that...

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