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Anaconda of Love


Dear Kay, The clock is TICKING on this wedding present blanket. I am way behind but hope to power through in order to get this thing on its way to the bride and groom in Chicago before they depart for India next week. And, relatedly, before I depart for India too. Squares: done. Blocking: done. Phase III: The Attachment? Not so fast there, hon. To review: the squares have live stitches on all sides, held on waste yarn. The squares are joined...

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Quilting for Dummies

Quilting for Dummies - 1

Dear Ann, Good news! The new windows seem to be staying bolted into the walls, the dust is settling at a rate I can almost keep up with, the kids are in school, and I find myself with an unexpected free afternoon. So, obviously, I’m going to make a quilt. HAHAHAHahahahaha. No really! I’m going to make a quilt! But first I’m going to write a tutorial, How To Make a Quilt By Kay Gardiner Who Has Never Made a Quilt. Step 1: ...

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Pre-Oscar Warm-up Show

Pre-Oscar Warm-up Show - 1

Dear Kay, I’m back to worrying about Thing One and Thing Two. We’ve moved on, mourned the vertical stripe cardigan, and we’ve even turned to that evergreen possibility, the log cabin. I’m here to tell you that as much as I love a log cabin, I’m not seeing what would ever come of this: I was imagining a wrap of rectangles, a slinky drapey thing. I didn’t imagine it would look so–what’s the...

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Rugging and Felting With Film Stars

Rugging and Felting With Film Stars - 1

Aw, Ann! Your last post touched a chord. As I was PhotoShopping my way through the 83 images currently stored on the KayCam (mostly touching still lifes, mostly of knitting), this snap of Hubby’s 50-year-old shoes, resting on one of his mother’s bookshelves (otherwise laden with pseudo-feminist literature of the 70s), seemed like a pretty good answer to fretting about the papoose-driven life. The memory, nearly faded, of the days...

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Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart - 1

Dear Ann, Sassy is in the house! You have really outdone yourself this time; it’s a marvelous, worm-free, bar-free piece of knitting and needless to say, a masterful example of the blocker’s art. Sassy is way, way, WAY beyond what a person has any right to expect from a pen pal. Sassy fits like a glove. So much so, in fact, that when I put it on and preened in front of the mirror, my first thought was: honey, have you considered a...

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This Old Log Cabin

This Old Log Cabin - 1

Dear Ann, Much as I would hate to inhibit anybody’s journey of log cabin discovery with a tedious how-to lecture, I have spent too much time scanning swatches NOT to post a tedious how-to lecture. The subtitle to this letter should be “Another Long-Ass Post By Kay”. But like many long-ass things one has to endure in life, this one is Educational. The basic Log Cabin method is to start with a central patch, and attach strips...

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