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Bang Out a Sweater: The Kitchener Defense


Dear Kay, Rounding the corner on my Stopover. The finish line awaits, with the following obstacles in my way. Colorwork yoke. Ready, willing, able. Short rows. The mighty power of the Bang Out a Sweater forum lifts me up with confidence that I can in fact add two or three short rows so that the neckline will sit well. Sewing up the holes under the arms. Cannot wait to kitchener those stitches, and here’s why. It is a grand total...

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Simple Stuff, So Addicting

hortensia feature

Dear Kay, Big big big news! I just took a piece of lace off the blocking board. I know. Huge. Such a before and after. Such a payoff. It never fails to be one of my favorite moments in knitting. You knit along, for days or weeks or months, with lumpy progress in front of you: It’s never going to work. You cannot spread it across your knee often enough to persuade yourself that this gnarled mess is going to result in anything good. Or...

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Bang Out a Sweater: Armpit Edition


Dear Ann, Here I am with a how-to for those who are entering the home stretch of their Stopover pullover in our Bang Out a Sweater knitalong. Here’s the situation: you’ve successfully navigated the Three Tube Situation. You’ve knit the yoke, ribbed the ribbing or rolled the roll at the neck, and bound off. It’s time to weave in ends, block and wear your sweater, right? Nope. There’s still one little job you have to...

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How to Make a Pom Pom, Sort Of

pompom superbig

Dear Kay, We missed the Oscar cut this week, and I think we know why. I feel like we have room for growth in our instructional video skills. Take a look, for example, at what happened in that hotel room in San Diego last week, when it seemed like a good idea to do a little how-to movie about making a pom pom. There is a certain amount of quiet, subtle drama here, but really, we left out a lot of things. Kind of basic: We don’t...

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Clip & Save: Mattress Stitch Seaming Tips from a Master


Dear Ann: I had an interesting day yesterday. I Knit an Entire Sweater Continuing my theme of making miniscule things, I whipped up a tiny sweater for festive purposes; I cannot say more at this time. The free pattern for this wee top-down raglan is Tiny Sweaters by Malia Mather.  It’s fantastic, should you need to whip up a sweater for Barbie or Ken to wear while walking their fox. Stop, Drop and Knit I thought a lot about these mitts...

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Clip & Save (Literally): How to Set In a Sleeve


Dear Ann, Before I presume to tell anybody how to set in a sleeve, a disclaimer: I don’t really know how to set in a sleeve. It’s one of those things that when I have to do it, I say to myself, what the hell, here goes nothing.  I try to remember things I’ve been told about setting in sleeves. And I do the best I can, and generally feel OK about it after it’s over. After all, I have a sweater! It has sleeves! The first...

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