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Finishing a Steek: The Wimp’s Method

Finishing a Steek: The Wimp's Method - 1

Dear Kay, Time to deal with those pesky steek flaps at the neckline of this thing. Alice Starmore says to cut the neck steeks, then knit the neckband, THEN finish off the steeks. This means that I was manhandling this thing, knitting the neckband in the round, steeks unfettered, yet nothing unraveled. The fact is, shetland wool is not likely to unravel at all. It likes itself! (Kate Davies writes about all this in her usual fascinating way...

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Quick Peek at Cutting a Steek

Quick Peek at Cutting a Steek - 1

Dear Kay, Short on time but never short on coverage of every little step in this Donegal project. Our last episode ended with this situation: Top view of the neck opening, except that it’s not really open because along the way, I somehow in the dim recesses of my memory recall putting steeks here so that the knitting in the round could continue unabated all the way to the shoulder line. If Alice Starmore says to do it, I just do it. You...

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The Gaping Maw, Or, Freaky Steeky

The Gaping Maw, Or, Freaky Steeky - 1

Dear Kay, It’s Steek-cutting Thursday! Come on and enjoy the thrill of chopping a hole in your knitting. It just never gets old to me. This is the left shoulder of the Donegal sweater. This sweater is knit in the round. Whenever there needs to be a hole in the sweater (neck opening, sleeve holes), you work a batch of checkerboard stitches that will not be visible in the finished sweater. Makes it easy to work Fair Isle when you...

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Skatepark Steek

Skatepark Steek - 1

Dear Kay, To give you a sense of how gone I am on this Donegal project, I packed up the entire knitting command center–the charts, the swatches, the backup skeins of yarn, the Alice Starmore Celtic Collection book because I’d failed to photocopy the page I needed, the whole megillah–and took it to the skatepark for a three-hour stint while Clif wallowed in his subculture and I in mine. O what a scene it was, with all this mess...

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Houston, We Don’t Really Have a Problem

Houston, We Don't Really Have a Problem - 1

Dear Kay, You know that movie with Tom Hanks and Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon where they’re astronauts? Apollo 13? When they’re on the fifth Moon mission and they’re all jacked up but the networks won’t even cover their little Live-From-Space broadcast because it’s just not news anymore? You know when you’re having children, and you get past that first one, and the second one, and that third one comes out just...

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