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The Small Solace of Thinking Pink


Dear Kay, When I started this scarf, I mentioned that pink is not a color in my wardrobe, that knitting these pastels was out of my comfort zone. Well, I take it all back. I’m here today to tell you that in a week where everything was upside down, out of order, wrong, these colors have been a balm. The only comfort zone I’ve found, watching the news—the crushing, infuriating, horrifying news—was in knitting these simple rows,...

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The Road Not Taken and the Path Forward


Dear Ann, Not surprisingly, I’ve been going to town on my Fort Tryon Wrap, which has served as a security blanket on many plane trips and car rides in recent days. (“Going to town” on something was my grandma Mabel’s equivalent of your ma’s “cooking with gas.”) It has not gone quickly, what with two rip-backs (one blogged; the other my little secret), but it has not needed to go quickly. It’s...

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Needles Up: One-Sock Knitalong Blasts Off Now


Dear everyone including Kay, Sock Agnostic, The glorious day is upon us! Welcome to the One-Sock Knitalong. We’re looking forward to a couple of weeks of heavy-duty sock knitting, sock thinking, and sock sharing. Three ways to join in: Option 1: Poke around to find a bogged-down sock project, and dig it out. See? You’re already halfway home free. Option 2: If you don’t have such a project, feel free to dive in with a fresh...

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Knit Less, Count More


Dear Ann, I may have a Lifetime Achievement Sweater on the needles, but I still need to have a mindless garter or stockinette project to haul around in my bag for all those moments when I’m stuck doing something boring but at least I can knit. The problem is, my current so-called mindless knitting is my Tokyo Shawl, which is pleasant and satisfying knitting, but not mindless. See how it zigs and zags? That’s the result of a very...

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Bang Out A Sweater: Consider the Cardigan


Dear Ann: It’s so exciting seeing piles of Lopi, and even swatches, popping up all over the place for the Bang Out A Sweater knitalong. The high-speed nature of this knitalong is a big part of the fun, for me anyway, but it does bring with it some challenges. Consider the Cardigan One challenge: a very short time to consider modifications and alternatives to our chosen pattern, Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Stopover sweater, which is a...

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Yarn Strategies to Bang Out a Sweater


Dear Kay, I am itching to Bang Out a Sweater. I haven’t dropped everything for a new project since at least last Tuesday. I’ve never made a lopi sweater. I’m just so curious. Where will all this lead? The mission, to recap: • Stopover pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone. • We all cast on Monday, February 1. • Finish date: As soon as we all possibly can. Let’s dive right into that crucial decision to be...

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