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Knit Less, Count More


Dear Ann, I may have a Lifetime Achievement Sweater on the needles, but I still need to have a mindless garter or stockinette project to haul around in my bag for all those moments when I’m stuck doing something boring but at least I can knit. The problem is, my current so-called mindless knitting is my Tokyo Shawl, which is pleasant and satisfying knitting, but not mindless. See how it zigs and zags? That’s the result of a very...

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Bang Out A Sweater: Consider the Cardigan


Dear Ann: It’s so exciting seeing piles of Lopi, and even swatches, popping up all over the place for the Bang Out A Sweater knitalong. The high-speed nature of this knitalong is a big part of the fun, for me anyway, but it does bring with it some challenges. Consider the Cardigan One challenge: a very short time to consider modifications and alternatives to our chosen pattern, Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Stopover sweater, which is a...

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Yarn Strategies to Bang Out a Sweater


Dear Kay, I am itching to Bang Out a Sweater. I haven’t dropped everything for a new project since at least last Tuesday. I’ve never made a lopi sweater. I’m just so curious. Where will all this lead? The mission, to recap: • Stopover pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone. • We all cast on Monday, February 1. • Finish date: As soon as we all possibly can. Let’s dive right into that crucial decision to be...

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Giveaway: Big, Not Extreme, Blanket Kit


Dear Kay, Knitting is bigger than ever these days, and by big I don’t mean popular—I mean enormous. Needles made from PVC pipe. Yarn as thick as a garden hose. It’s no longer knitting; it’s construction work. Jacqui Fink is the Australian responsible for all the big love. She has a great sense of humor about what she is doing, but she is also serious in her exploration of scale and material. I totally and completely...

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FO Friday: Grand Dame


Dear Ann, Guess what! I get to visit another college (or 2 or 3) this weekend. Rhinebeck fades into the mist in the rearview mirror, and we proceed ONWARD. For about a year and a half, I had a ball of handpainted cashmere weighing heavily on my conscience. In a fit of I Don’t Know What, I had bought it at Vogue Knitting Live in January 2013, from String, a yarn shop in my own city that caters to the big-gauge cashmere crowd. There was...

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Finished Object Friday: Birch Leaf Shawl


Dear Kay, Finished Object Friday. As if I have a finished object every Friday . . . I found this 95 percent complete shawl in a bag in the back of my closet, the source of so much mystery. It’s Susan Gutperl’s Birch Leaf Shawl, which is a frankly easier version of Sharon Miller’s all-time greatest thing ever, the timeless Rowan pattern, Birch. The yarn is Manos Lace, a baby alpaca/silk/cashmere blend that makes you glad...

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