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Recipe for a Slightly Clerical Scarf

Recipe for a Slightly Clerical Scarf - 1

Dear Ann, People are wanting the recipe for the stashhappy bias scarf I made for the Red Scarf Project. Once you know how to do something, like making biscuits or knitting on the bias, you forget that there was a time that you didn’t know how. Emma first taught me this venerable technique as a way of knitting squares to a specific measurement even if one is gauge-impaired. ( I made the main section 36 stitches wide for kabbalistic...

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What’s On the Chair

What's On the Chair - 1

Dear Ann, I know, I’m sposed to be finishing up my edits to a particularly picante and pecadillo-prone part of the manuscript. That’s why I’m having so much success doing other stuff I would otherwise procrastinate to Kingdom Come. My Red Scarf 2007 is done. Once again my Red Scarf Project entry has taken an unexpectedly ecclesiastical turn, but I do think it’s truly unisex. Four balls of DK wools that were bouncing...

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