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Deja Blu (All Over Again)

Deja Blu (All Over Again) - 1

Dear Ann, Our Memorial Day weekend was good this year. Strenuously good. It started (after the traditional Costco Run for a season’s worth of toilet paper and tortilla chips) with a vigorous workout for my quilt-binding chops. SO SATISFYING. But I’ve spoken of this before. When I go to heaven, St. Peter will welcome me with stacks of quilts that need double-fold bindings attached, and I shall sew them down by hand, with lovely...

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Maybe This is a Good Thing

Maybe This is a Good Thing - 1

Dear Ann, Do you ever have a week where you are just a one-woman hive of productive activity? You know, where you polish all of Hubbo’s shoes while doing the taxes and organizing family photos going back to 1988? Where you re-do the rolodex and cook up multiple batches of chili and soup to freeze for nutritious meals of the future? Me neither. Which is why the past few days have been so strange. Honestly, I’ve been getting so...

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Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! - 1

Dear Everybody, I know Cristina and Kay are too modest to tell you this themselves, but I’m immodest enough to brag about their latest little act of creative genius. The new Knitty is out, which is cause for delirious celebration anytime. But I’m especially delirious today–just careering around the house konking around (not bonking, I promise)–because Cristina and Kay have a pattern in it: Blu! Mazel tov, ladies. Proud to...

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