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Why Sewing Is Better Than Knitting

Why Sewing Is Better Than Knitting - 1

Dear Ann, Oh calm DOWN. The title was just to get a rise out of you. Knitting is the One True Hobby–I know that. It’s just that yesterday, I discovered the fun of Pfaffing up a Log Cabin. But First, A Word From Our Sponsor The word is “dragon”: Cristina’s baby boy Elio gets ready to go out wearing his mother’s design, the Dragon Jacket. Talk about Cute Overload. Elio is cuter than a Japanese flying...

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Project CRACK

Project CRACK - 1

Dear Kay, It’s happened. Like the girl who discovers peppermint schnapps in the basement of the Rosenblums’ house during her first keg party, I’m a wreck. Last night I watched an episode of Bravo’s Project Runway. I have to tell you, I could not stop, from the minute that Teutonic freak-of-nature host, Heidi Klum, waltzed out and chirped, “Welcome to the runway.” Unlike other reality shows, Project Runway...

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