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Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Green, White, White, White, White

Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Green, White, White, White, White - 1

Dear Ann, I don’t know if you heard about it, but NYC had some bona fide Biblical Weather last week. (A tornado. In Brooklyn. What next? Grasshoppers?) I just couldn’t stand to post a mini-tute on how to make the Buncha Squares blanket without decent pictures of the thing. (You know how I love to run around in public with a big piece of knitting and try to take pictures of it all day long. Super fun!) Eventually, I gave...

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Whatta Buncha I-Cord

Whatta Buncha I-Cord - 1

Dear Ann, The Log Cabin faithful have been writing in for the recipe for the Buncha Squares Blanket, which warms my heart. But today is another rainy Monday, and I could not live with myself if I posted the how-to without gorgeous technicolor fantasy photos (I do not rule out soft focus) demonstrating that This Blanket Will Change Your Life. So the recipe will await better weather. Today, I will speak of I-Cord. You know how I like to fuss...

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