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The Ears Don’t Lie

The Ears Don't Lie - 1

Dear Olive, Don’t get me wrong. I love it when you help me make up the bed. I know it’s a lot more fun for you than the knitting. And better exercise! All that huffing and puffing and stretching. There’s nothing like bed linens that are fresh and clean clean clean, right down to the mattress cover. And it’s so helpful to have a companion for this job. You’re here for me, babe, every step of the way, and I...

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A Swatch a Day

Dear Ann, Go over here and lose your mind. I have long admired what Nona does to a log cabin. (When I say “admired”, I mean “envied with a raging fervor that reflects quite badly on my character.” But then, you knew that.) I mean, look at this one. It had me weeping. Now Nona is swatching a crazydivine swatch every day. How will I get any work done? Love,...

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