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Orange You Glad You Weighed In?

Orange You Glad You Weighed In? - 1

Dear Kay, Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. I have been riveted as I’ve read everybody’s thoughts about the fate of the border of the tweedy squares blanket. The thing is, each argument for a particular border idea makes perfect sense. So much sense that as I read all the ideas, I decided that the only way to sort it all out was to count all the responses. Consider the tally: 1. Finish the border as is, 10 rows of orange: 23 2....

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Stuck - 1

Dear Kay, I really need some advice. It’s like I’m paralyzed with indecision. No, it’s not like I’m paralyzed; I AM paralyzed. I can barely move my fingers to type this. I Do Not Know What To Do. The good, great news is that I have crossed Finish Line 1 (knitting the squares of this blanket), Finish Line 2 (sewing the squares together), and FInish Line 3 (sewing in all the ends). My euphoria at hitting these marks was...

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Ruh Roh

Ruh Roh - 1

Dear Ann, I’ve had a bit of a relapse. It started innocently, with half a baby blanket, for Afghans for Afghans’ initiative to help new mothers in Afghanistan. (HEY GUESS WHAT? THEY EXTENDED THE DEADLINE TO MAY 25! I think they need more blankets.) Amber is making the other half. No big whoop. This is not a slippery slope. This…. ..is not…. ….a slippery….. …..slope. Whoa, Nellie! Now...

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It Makes The Knees Go Weak

It Makes The Knees Go Weak - 1

Dear Ann, I believe you know of my affection for the Frick Collection. You walk in, and no matter how many times you’ve seen Mr. Frick’s pictures, the amazement washes over you anew. There is a numbered plaque beside most of the paintings. You walk up to the painting, you punch the number into your Acoustiguide, and you get a short description in a charming foreign accent (sometimes Brit, sometimes French, and sometimes a lady...

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The Beverly Hillblankie

The Beverly Hillblankie - 1

Dear Ann, OK. Let me just lay an image on you. I was going to show this to you when you were here in person last week, but to tell the truth I wasn’t brave enough to risk your unrehearsed reaction. This thing requires a couple of seconds to take it in, compose oneself, and think of something superfakeynice to say. I give you, the Abe Blankie: Green Acres is the place to be Farm Living! is the life for me Land spreading out so far and...

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Baby Steps

Baby Steps - 1

Dear Ann, As you know, when I’m not checking the blog to see how many catalogs have been cancelled and whether you’re ambulatory, I’ve been doing a bit of mitering. As always, my plans at first were grandiose: I wanted to make a large denim mitered-square blanket like Belinda’s majestic original. Then I thought, ‘Um…nah. Too much work. I’ve done this queen-sized mitered-square blanket thing a bit too...

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