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One Cute Package, Wasted

One Cute Package, Wasted - 1

Dear Ann, Last week I went to a Liberty Game with Ivan, aka Taro’s dad. I brought the Taro Blankie in a shopping bag. In an effort to achieve new levels of wabi-sabi charm, I had folded and tied the blanket into an inside-out bundle of joy, with the label serving as gift tag. For whose benefit was this cuteness? Not Taro–he’s too little. Not Ivan–he’s a guy. From childhood, girls know that they are not...

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Quilt-Knitting Monday

Quilt-Knitting Monday - 1

Dear Ann, So there I was Sunday afternoon, hanging out the knitting on the clothesline. Happy as a pig in a blanket, because I’ve finished the denim blanket for my friends’ baby, Taro. I took a few pictures, because when you have an FO, it’s all about the bragging, isn’t it? I love the way Belinda’s space-bleached patch (lower right) throws everything off-kilter. Your eye doesn’t get what it expects. I...

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