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Baby Knitting, Fairy Houses, and Flip Books

Baby Knitting, Fairy Houses, and Flip Books - 1

Dear Kay, Just sticking my head in the door here to let you know that I’m still here, sitting here. Word 70,000 of the movel is “horrified.” There’s a baby on the way (not mine, to be clear and wouldn’t THAT be some news?). It is so tremendously exciting that I ditched my tortured cabled pullover thingie for a project so tiny and cute that I really, really find myself liking this knitting thing all over again. The...

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Breaking News, An Apology, and Jupiter

Breaking News, An Apology, and Jupiter - 1

Dear Kay, First of all: Everybody pack your bags for TORONTO. There’s going to be a north-of-the-border Afghans for Afghans sew-up party Sunday, November 7, at the ridiculously tidy home of Stephanie, aka everybody’s favorite Yarn Harlot. We are SO THRILLED that she’s hosting a plonk-enhanced, cherry-upside-down-cake-filled event. Go stop by Harlotville if you’d like details. Almost Tender Moment Apologies for the lack of...

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What the World Needs Now (Is a Piano Bench Cushion)

What the World Needs Now (Is a Piano Bench Cushion) - 1

Dear Kay, Well, the tribe has spoken, and the choice for Side One of Big Daddy’s Piano Bench Cushion is: Big Dot. This is a slip stitch pattern, which means that I’m knitting only one color per row, yet it creates this illusion that there’s more going on. Berrry clever. If you ever want to do color work without actually doing any color work, slip stitch patterns are the way to go. Doing a slip stitch pattern using Euroflax...

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What I Didn’t Do on My Summer Vacation

What I Didn't Do on My Summer Vacation - 1

Dear Kay, Remember when I came home from that trip to the mountains with BALES of stuff I’d knitted, DRIFTS of it, GIANT PILES of huge, ropelike yarn wrought into rectangles and sleeves and trapezoids? I came home from the beach with this: Three squares of Euroflax. Not even afghanalong-sized squares, sad to say. Just about killed me to crank even these out. I was way too distracted by Tropical Storm Alex, playing poker with eight year...

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Let’s Do It (Let’s Make a Cushion)

Let's Do It (Let's Make a Cushion) - 1

Old sloths who hang down from twigs do it, Though the effort is great, Sweet guinea-pigs do it, Buy a couple and wait. –from Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love) Dear Kay, I’m all in a swivet over my imminent Beach Knitting Opportunity. I must make amends for all the pointless knitting of my last trip. What I’m shooting for is Knitting for the Ages, Timeless Knitting, Knitting That Will Be Around At Least A Week After I...

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