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That End-of-Camp Feeling

overloaded tree

Dear Kay, It still feels weirdly spacious in here. We need to hang a blanket on all this white space—it’s making me nervous. Thanks to all who have taken the brave step of subscribing to this blog. We are still futzing around with the thing that sends out notifications, so you will start getting notices of new posts shortly. In the interest of celebration, we would like to give a prize to the first person who subscribed. Truly, this was...

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Mary Sue and the Superpurply Lenten Frontal

Mary Sue and the Superpurply Lenten Frontal - 1

Dear Kay, One of my favorite knitters in the whole wide world is Mary Sue Taylor (Ravelry link). I mean: she is a dynamo. She has that full-steam-ahead approach to knitting that I totally admire. She doesn’t mind projects that you measure by the square foot. Portability is not an issue for her: I have seen her cheerfully toting around a Jojoland bedspread as her car knitting. She did some great test knitting for our book–the Kiki...

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Mason-Dixon Knitting Rule Number Whatever: Keep Driving

Mason-Dixon Knitting Rule Number Whatever:  Keep Driving - 1

Dear Ann, Kiki and Mariko, My Kiki Mariko rug is done! Although I cast on more stitches (total of 154) with the intention of getting a more square-ish shape, I ended up so besotted with the color changes that I knitted extra rows and got a shape that is still rectangular, just a bit bigger. I’m real happy with it. It is one of those projecks that people come into your house and notice immediately and think you’re all clever and...

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The State of the Kiki Mariko

The State of the Kiki Mariko - 1

Dear Ann, I hope everyone in Nashville will be glued to the tee vee tomorrow when you appear on TALK OF THE TOWN. Whatever are you going to do without me interrupting you? Save me a bite of whatever’s on the cooking segment. Travel Knitting: Do’s and Don’t’s One of the rules I live by: if it needs its own seat, it’s probably not a good project for travel knitting. Here we see the current status of my Kiki...

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The Road To Recovery

The Road To Recovery - 1

Dear Ann, I’m so glad we got that out of our system. I’m told that after a couple of weeks, one’s eyebrows return to a tint that bears some reference to the natural world. Looking forward to that. Meanwhile, I’m getting something else out of my system: my very own Kiki Mariko rug. This is not portable knitting, and as you know I have a broad concept of portability in the fiber arts. (Yesterday I was winding a...

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