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Mason-Dixon Boyz N Scarvz

Mason-Dixon Boyz N Scarvz - 1

Dear Ann: I know it’s kind of worrisome for a middle-aged woman to keep posting photos of young guys wearing her knitting. I’m sure you’re concerned–quite rightly–that I might be stalking them, or perhaps sitting on the sidewalk with a scrawled sign soliciting assistance. You’re probably thinking I’ve been saying things like “dude”. Fear not! All models 100% guaranteed to be related to...

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Giddy (My Favorite Emotion)

Giddy (My Favorite Emotion) - 1

Dear Ann, Have you noticed how, when you reach A Certain Age, it’s harder to feel giddy? Christmas morning doesn’t quite do it (a nightgown! yay! can I go back to bed?), a birthday absolutely doesn’t do it, but I’ve found that Pub Date can still evoke the old lightheaded joy and jangling-nerve combo that is so exhilarating. The book is out there, all by itself. Nobody holding its hand. Nobody reminding it to say...

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