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The State of the Blanket

The State of the Blanket - 1

Dear Ann, Honey I’m ho-ome! Of course I’m going to blog in luxurious sens-u-round about my fab time in England, with particular emphasis on: A Boy and His Dune Buggy Disguised As An Electric Wheelchair, clothes-shopping with Trinny and Susannah’s main competition (aka Polly and Belinda) (“cinch it!” “nip it!” “tie something in front of it!”–these were just a few of the helpful (no...

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London Blanket

London Blanket - 1

Dear Ann, Weekend before last, the family went to Florida for the weekend to attend a memorial service in honor of a beautiful friend who lived to the fullest almost every minute of her 85 years. Florida explains the sunlight and greenery in some of the pictures. Others go to Florida to swim and bask and wear green & pink capri pants. Me, I’m not a sun person. I’m a knitting person. We were about to go through security at La...

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