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Mr. De Mille, I’m Ready for My Closeup

Mr. De Mille, I'm Ready for My Closeup - 1

Dear Kay, Well, I am relieved finally to have a place to store my denim rag balls. This Monteagle Bag (free pattern here) was diverting. This one is Euroflax Sport Weight in Terra Cotta. I immediately cast on for a second bag, in that OCD way that hits sometimes. I may get two bags out of this skein. It’s going to be close. As I knitted these very, very strange stitches, I had forgotten how they worked, so it was a new experience all over...

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A Party Favor for You

A Party Favor for You - 1

Dear everybody, We have to say, we are feeling a little twingly today. It’s the publication day for our new book. To celebrate, we’re passing out a party favor. Monteagle Bag pattern! Free! It’s one of our favorite patterns in the book. OK, we would say that about every pattern. You may have heard about the trouble with plastic shopping bags. (If you haven’t, here’s a little background on the problem. Not a pretty...

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