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Lifestyles of the Stitchin’ Famous (and Free Pattern!)

Lifestyles of the Stitchin' Famous (and Free Pattern!) - 1

Dear Ann, In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been vamping here, recycling pictures of my dog and such; I have mislaid the KayCam. But wanted to fill you in on Last Night At Martha’s Party. Martha (yes, that Martha, do I have to post a link to cussin’ Martha?) threw a party for bloggers in honor of a BlogHer hootenanny that was going on that I didn’t know about, and she was kind enough to invite me, so I went. It...

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Tidings of Lemon Fresh Joy

Tidings of Lemon Fresh Joy - 1

Dear Ann, If you are not a dishcloth knitter, keep moving, nothing to see here. But for the few, the proud, the stubborn among us, who openly knit the humble dishcloth in the face of dismissive public opinion, at times even from fellow knitters, it’s a big day each year when Janet Nogle’s Dishcloth Calendar comes out. Well, my raisiny-handed friends, the 2010 Dishcloth Calendar is here, where you can purchase a download or a...

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