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Sunflower Season (Free Pattern!)

Sunflower Season (Free Pattern!) - 1

Dear Ann, In the midst of submitting a pattern for the 2009 Dishcloth Calendar, I remembered last year’s design, which I am now free to share with my fellow dishrag-knittin’ freaks. It’s classified as a “Grade 2 (Impractical)” in the Dishrag Classification Manual. Meaning it’s pretty, but not utilitarian. I beg to differ! At heart, it’s a simple– albeit florally-reminiscent– counter...

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What’s New In Dishcloth Design

What's New In Dishcloth Design - 1

Dear Ann, Once again, I’ve been moonlighting from my full-time job as your part-time correspondent. Now, Miss Ann: I know you love dishcloths. I also know you don’t love them as much as I do. You like dishcloths, but you never get a crazy jones to knit 2 dozen dishcloths, ever. So, occasionally, I stray. I hang out with my dishrag peeps, and we get to cooking up dishrags. Crazy stuff. Over the summer, I heard from Janet...

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